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  1. Hahahahaha. That was me. Seriously. And it's true - I would have gotten a couple more weeks of enjoyment if I didn't log in and go "Do I really want to sit in Chaos 3 mindlessly tabbing back into the game to hit 'g' occasionally, or do I want to log out and play a game that I'll actually have fun on?" lol, that is kind of funny. Sorry, I tend to read through posts and not pay attention to well to who posted it. Then I come into another thread and can't remember the names cause I didn't pay attention to it. And a few more weeks of enjoyment out of the game is better than not enjoying the
  2. Very much agreed. That was also the thing in DD1, even being a noob with only a level 78 huntress, you got something awesome and was able to utilize it, even if it was only to trade it. The thing with trading though is that you didn't have to, you could easily have gone through the game without trading. I did. I didn't even really care for the public game aspect of the game until much later when I was able to clear everything with just me and my g/f. We both realized, after being able to farm everything, that we had a entire horde of items we could trade off to people or even to give
  3. lekkin007 and darksteelhyren, you two realize that C7 Mastery is likely to still limit your gear? They don't want us using the top of the line gear of the difficulty, so still yet we will be nerfed if we are using the top end C7 gear.
  4. Oh yay, we're locked into using specific towers even more than usual... Who likes being restricted? I don't.
  5. Easy and Fun are two different things. As the game stands right now I can AFK through all but the siege rollers, which means it is easy. The restrictions applied by the mobs are what make the game not fun, Assassins completely negating player input is not FUN (and yes they are easy to deal with, but still annoying), not being able to use projectile towers that I might want to use because of Geodes is not FUN (still easy to deal with), and not being able to use traps, auras, and nodes because of Cyborks is not FUN (still easy to deal with, and you can use them if you place them off lane where
  6. Just wait for C3 Mastery and the No traps, Nodes or Auras. That one sounds very painful to solo. Granted I am sure some people will, just doesn't sound like any fun to me.
  7. What you say is true. Which is why I don't think it will ever be implemented either. However, I wanted to put the suggestion out there in the proper place. It is really sad when companies and developers won't institute something that a lot of people would probably enjoy for the sake of money. As someone (honestly didn't look at the name, even though I read the post) stated where I first thought of the idea, the ability to select what chaos tier shards you want to farm while staying in C7 difficulty would have kept them playing the game. The longer someone plays the game and the more enj
  8. Just thought it would be great if we could select which difficulty shard we would get from the end game chest. Obviously, the shard that drops can't be higher than the difficulty you are in. However, if you are progressing through C7 and need a Defense Rate or Power Transfer, why not allow the C7 player to forgo getting the C7 shard and get a C4 instead. This would allow the player to still be progressing or farming C7 and have a chance at getting the C4 shard(s) they need/want.
  9. TBH, I think trials would be fine if they got rid of the annoying mechanics/hard counters. Changing the Cybork, Geode, Dark Assassin would make the trials so much more fun. FYI, I don't find any of the trial enemies to be challenging, they are all simple to take care of. The hard counters are just annoying, also including assassins in the annoyance because that is literally all they are, annoying. I also don't understand why they would introduce a 'new' mode using the trials as a base for it when there are so many complaints about trials and how restrictive they are. Not only that but int
  10. Well, your claim (that you can't use flame auras in half the chaos tiers) is false. I also went through the chaos trials and used flame auras in every tier except tier 2. I was in chaos 5 pre recent PDT nerf and chaos 6 and 7 thereafter. Of course there's no problem in C3-C4, and in C5-C7 when cyborks return I still had little trouble. My general set up was spiked blockades, flame auras, a single cannon ball per lane, and a single lightning strike aura at each wall (once the LSA was buffed). And of course anti air as necessary. I didn't even have range gambit maxed, but it worked just fi
  11. How is mastery not restrictive? Right now we are only on C1, but every week we will be getting the next difficulty and the mobs associated with that difficulty. So basically Mastery will be AS restrictive as the Trials were and MORE, because we will have to deal with the same restrictive mobs as before. C2 will have Cyborks still, so auras and nodes will be a no go for the most part. And then at least three maps have the modifier 'You're grounded' which means you can't build towers... So what are you to do? Auras and Nodes will get shut down and your not allowed to build towers. That
  12. Also, I noticed that you get no defender medals for playing a Mastery mode map.... Other than the weekly/daily quests you might finish doing it. So basically, Mastery mode is only about grinding Stars for loot at set amounts of stars... And tbh, the loot so far hasn't been all that impressive. Even the hyper shard, while 70% is a nice amount of DP, it just feels lacking. Got to say, the more I play Mastery the less I like it. Also not sure if it is just me, but the amount of loot (gear drops) per map seems to be less than what I was receiving while I was in the trials, anyone else noticin
  13. Mastery do not drop shards, at least I don't think it's supposed to (because shards do not drop in mastery for me too) . Shards are only exclusive to trials. But, if you didn't know, you could accumulate enough stars on Mastery, you are able to obtain a hyper shard which which will be reminiscent to previous shards but much more powerful. Yea, I know about the hyper shard. Would still be nice if you were able to progress (gearing and getting shards) in Mastery, that way you aren't stuck in trials (only 4-5 Maps) grinding shards. TBH, I complained about the limiting factors in the trial
  14. I think Mastery is decent as a 'prelude' to end game, but wasn't that also what 'trials' were? Can we just get the actual end game, instead of constantly being baited along with the promise of a end game? I do like that we can now choose the maps we wish to play, but still it is only an illusion of choice b/c to get all the rewards we have to play ALL the maps with EXTRA restrictions, instead of what I think a lot of people were asking for (less restrictions on game play). Don't get me wrong I like having something new to do, and will be completing the Mastery mode in my own time (I don't
  15. I think everyone wants the ability to pick the map in the new game mode. If they did not have that I am sure a lot of people would just quit upon the release of it, because the lack of choices throughout the entire Chaos Trials has been complained about ad nauseam. I do like [[44100,users]]'s mention of picking the reward you want to work for, which was in the previous onslaught. That part of the previous mode was very nice and allowed you to work toward what you wanted. I also like [[43588,users]]'s idea about the 'keystones' like D3. That would be a great way to allow for 'checkpoints' wh
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