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  1. you will :P that the point of my last post. It was my mistake and I gave you your 2-2, ggo check on the list ty very much1!!
  2. #2-2 please :) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042566921/
  3. http://imgur.com/HAV6kDp C/O :
  4. if i have more cores? does it change somthing? like the drops?
  5. barz743

    Item Check Thread

    http://imgur.com/4WAyePL IC please :) ty!
  6. I have done it like 10 times and i got 9/10 Moby's Mobile Launcher: wtf!
  7. C/O : 2 cubes http://imgur.com/4WAyePL
  8. Ult++ pets are really hard to get a good idea of worth on. The price fluctuates greatly - I've seen them fail to sell at all, I've seen some go for 30 cubes. However, due to the negative tower rate and the fact that is doesn't cap it might go for a cube or 2 on a good day. kk thnxxx
  9. Hellow i realy like youre idea You should go for it!can i get PC http://imgur.com/mCdeFmV
  10. Just got this ult++ pet i am intresting to sell it! http://imgur.com/mCdeFmV
  11. Is there good build for NM HC survivel and what are the recomandad stats
  12. Hey i just came back afftet a year can you tell me the prices? Ty very much Coal=? Cube=? M2k=? Tf2 pets=? Chicken=? Ultimate armor pices=? Dimond=?
  13. thnx for the answer hope it will come soon as they can
  14. does any one know when the new dlc is comming out? they said it will come last week and still nothing
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