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  1. I have a nice pawn shot but i dont know if i should upgrade shots per second or only damage.Can say me how can i get the best dps upgrading my pawn?
  2. Im spanish guy thst is interested with play ppl that love do builds and strategy for make maps more easy.I dont know much enlgish but i think that for play this game dont need so much comunication, so if you want i will be gratefull for joining me to group.
  3. yes i was asking for some items and were hacked =S.
  4. Chetero

    Item Check Thread

    And this?Is supreme http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=136287093
  5. I want know if this web is secure and if items are 100% legals or can be hacked. http://www.defendersstore.com/
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