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  1. sadly after transfering im reset to lvl 1 :( 150 hours down the drain and not one dev or higher up can answer emails or nothing just a 1%er over here
  2. theirs no transfer tool anymore what im saying is i have done the transfer and its reset me to lvl 1 and theirs no transfer or legacy option available
  3. ive done everything i can others on discord have had the same problem, no need to be all up and mighty just because your worked alright, just trying to get my hard work back lol \
  4. Hello i played 150 hours on the beta and i just tried using the legacy tool and its the exact same character i jsut cretaed today its not what i put 150 hours into please someone help me before this tool goes away :(
  5. if its confirmed show the picture please need actul confirmtion not someone saying it
  6. like would i need defense health and defense power or defense health and defense crit on each item
  7. im loooking to build a splody harpoon buildbut i dont know what to get for each item any help would be great
  8. bro level one of your guys to lvl 50 not all at once, if you get one guy to 50 you get a 35% xp for each lvl 50 you have in your deck also you can purchae 2 20% xp boost medium spheres and put on your guys for faster lvling,
  9. hi i was wondering if their is anyone on the asia pacific region(Singapore) that can help me power level im new to dd2 but not new to DD would like any help possible thanks add me xNerdKent
  10. looking for ps3 player in the AU to play with and trade reply or add AustralianOwned on ps3
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