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  1. Just witnessed the very reason why I always play payday 2 with host kick. Playing ramparts on hard and 3 "randoms" join. Yeah sure 2 of them playing the game being defenders and all but the 3rd one (Huntress) mostly is sitting afk not using mana to repair and mostly just standing. I start to call him out on this bulls**terry, and the dude asks me to stop crying about him not doing objective the other two also semi-agrees(if that is a word) that yeah I should chill just a game. I was amazed that 2 players actually went and defended an USELESS and idle player. But in the last wave I found the truth- the 3 "randoms" were actually teamed and votekicked me off. Morale of the story: Either make pubs ALL RANDOM or give host kick option. Trendy pls ;__; i just want to play this game with other ACTIVE players.
  2. I gotta agree with Seph here that this post leaks of people who have their jimmies rustled. MOST of these complains are bugs that already were fixed, so why they are back is beyond me(Probably they have 2 seperate builds- The one public tests and one for office full dev with SP story elements and all that fancy schmuck) So lets analyze this constructive criticism of yours Mr./Ms. OP Point nr.1 It's a bug obviously to be fixed (ASAP) Point nr.2 nr.3 and nr.4 Oh it's the good ol' game mechanic called DIFFICULTY CURVE. You don't do enough dmg to deal with the mobs ? Then why won't just go a map lower ? (and there is even a great indicator called iPWR!!) I could agree that ranged enemies are annoying but they are so by design. If they aren't an unique threat which needs a different way of tactics and tower placement then why should they've been there in the first place ? But, what catched my attention the most is. How did you decide that Witherbeasts (Crystal burrowers) need exactly 25% hp reducement ? You have tested this issue and have come to claim that extra few shots is what ruins this enemies meant purpose ? Not that maybe its healing too fast, not it's healing range, EVEN their annoying A.I of deployement in the middle enemy groups. And lastly, about the dropping gear from mini-bosses, pro-tip if you crank up that thing i mention : Difficulty curve. Higher rarity items will fall, the higher it goes, the bigger possibility-mythicals and even legendaries!(Haven't done any testing so I am saying from my expierence) So in the end the conclusion- It's not constructive criticism, if you throw in some random facts/suggestions along your unbiased complains. But this game is in Alpha state and devs (I presume) will gladly listen to any feedback they can get and that is including your opinion, but I would personally prefer if your opinions would have some ground reasoning behind them and not just plain complaining. With all due respect, TheFrypo
  3. Same issue here and I would also note that I just had upgraded to Windows 10
  4. Only thing that bothered me about scrapping that project was time invested in it. But i'm really glad that they started to develop the Co-op version because for me that is sweet part of the pie and The MOBA probably is sitting on some archive shelf waiting for better times to come or until some intern stumbles upon in it (completely ignoring the warning to not enter.. goddamit Jeff) and decides to do something with it. TL:DR Good riddance from the MOBA
  5. Thanks I couldnt figure out why it wasnt working so I owe you one :D
  6. So i upon playing i stumbled across this guy: https://prntscr.com/5etzku And wondered does anyone have any ideas or requests for pets ? (Might as well inspire devs) I would definitely love pets as the seen animals on the maps.
  7. I really think we shouldn't use acronym EA, gives it a bad aura
  8. Well, first of all gee thanks for the constructive criticism. Second, i actually like it because its fresh just like DD1 was with fresh art style back then. Only thing that seems a bit odd is the big head thing that some characters have going on. It bounds to happen that someone doesnt like the completely new art style, but dont you think its too late to object this as an issue ? You either get used to it or just leave, i suppose.
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