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  1. Ah I guess that'll make it take a lot longer. I'd be willing to pay someone for their time if they can help then
  2. If anyone would be generous enough to help me out with this that would be much appreciated. According to the wiki you can have someone else just host wave 25 and lose to it on every mission for the achievement, so it shouldn't take long. Here's my steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/funkedelike
  3. Hey, I don't usually post here so sorry if I unintentionally break any rules! Basically I found a piece of equipment much better than my current gear so I figure it'd be better to sell it and try to upgrade all my heroes. If it ends up not being worth as much, I reserve the right to hang on to it. Please let me know if I censored too much/too little of the stats. update: Payment in coal/cube/diamonds/mana is all acceptable. I am currently not looking for anything specific nor any event items. I do not have a buyout price set and I will end the auction tuesday (august 7th) at 11:59 PM EST. If i missed anything I'll continue updating the post regularly. I've also submitted an item check. update 2: ok I didn't expect the mana inflation to be that bad so I'm going to sound like an *** here. I will not accept over 300b in raw mana. This does mean you can add 300b to whatever your other offer is. I'll consider offers made that don't abide by this null and will pm those affected informing of this. Sorry I just didn't expect to get such ridiculous amounts of raw mana and there's no way I could feasibly use it. update 3: closed
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