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  1. Yeah, I'm really impressed with how it turned out. I wish I had a better quality camera to take the pictures with. But it looks fantastic hanging on our wall :-)
  2. So, a little back-story, my fiancee and I have been friends for 19 years. I fell for her in High School, but I was friend-zoned for 14 years. Back in 2012, I finally convinced her to date me, and we've been happy ever since. On any given day, we can be found playing just about any multiplayer game imaginable together. One of the first games we ever played together as a couple was the original Dungeon Defenders, so the series has always had a place in our hearts. We've always thought we needed other hobbies beyond video games (*Gasp!* I know!) and so when she was out Christmas shopping last year, my fiancee found the Skyrim world map puzzle, bought it, brought it home, and we finished it in a day or two. Our apartment's walls have always been bare, so we thought we'd glue it, frame it, and hang it up. We did so, and the transformation of our dull apartment officially began. We started buying every video game puzzle we could get our hands on, whether it be in stores, online, imported, it didn't matter. Unfortunately, there's a lack of variety when it comes to video game puzzles, and unless you want Zelda, Mario, or Skyrim, you're kind of SoL. So, we decided we were going to see about getting custom puzzles made. We found a company, Portrait Puzzles, willing to make custom jigsaw puzzles of copyrighted images, but only with written consent of the copyright holder. So, I contacted Josh Isom, Trendy's Community Manager, and asked for permission to have one made. I told him what I was looking for, and he provided a perfect image. He also contacted the puzzle company and gave them written permission. Josh is an awesome, awesome guy. Anyway, a few days later, the puzzle arrived, and our journey begins. I've created an Imgur gallery with all the pictures showing our progress from beginning to end. http://imgur.com/a/N9n9v I cannot recommend Portrait Puzzles enough. Their customer service representative was in constant contact with me from the moment I sent them the image and the letter from Josh. They needed to crop the image slightly so it would fit the dimensions of their 1008 piece puzzles, but she did it for me and 4 days later I received my puzzle. I don't normally plug products or sites, but I absolutely will this time. The price is a little steep (it came to something like 60 dollars with tax and delivery) but the product is a fantastic one. A huge thanks to Josh and the rest of the folks at Trendy. I hope to get more puzzles made from your fantastic artwork. I'm thinking something involving the Abyss Lord next :-)
  3. Protip: Spread the love (and mana) around! You can drop all Ability Mana by pressing Ctrl+N, and you can drop all Defense Mana by pressing Ctrl+M. At this time, we do not support dropping of The Bass or The Mic.
  4. I appreciate that, but I've no way of knowing what is and isn't owned by Trendy if I go via the outside route. I need a piece of artwork that is owned specifically by Trendy in order to comply with the copyright restrictions I've been given.
  5. Hey all, I'm hoping the DD/DD2 community can assist me. My fiancee and I have recently made a hobby of doing gaming-themed jigsaw puzzles, gluing them, framing them, and hanging them on our walls. However, we've recently come to the realization that there aren't very many "official" gaming jigsaw puzzles. We found a Skyrim map, two Zelda maps, and 3 Assassin's Creed puzzles. Luckily, we found a site that allows you to take an image and have it made into a custom jigsaw puzzle. They have rules that you cannot use copyrighted images without the express written consent of the copyright holder (which makes sense!). I contacted Trendy and received said permission, so now, I come to you, the community for help finding an amazing piece of official Dungeon Defenders artwork to have made into a jigsaw puzzle. Ideally, I'd like something featuring at least two characters, and nothing with the Squire's heart-patterned boxers/undershirt (I absolutely HATE that appearance) Does anyone know where I can find a good repository of official artwork for either Dungeon Defenders 1 or 2?
  6. "Even in her youth, Harlequinn enjoyed a good tower defense game"
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