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  1. You need to grind EXP to get an access to the next mission. It's all that needs to be said. I have nothing against PoE but LoL has terrible payment design. You need to grind to unlock new heroes. * Hurr durr that makes game more rewarding and more interesting ". No. No. As an example Dota 2 has all heroes available from the start. And people count over thousands of hours on that game. Gameplay itself is rewarding, not unlocking new heroes to play with. You need to be online to play this, really Trendy, really? Levels are limited to the player level - checkGrinding - check.Always need to be
  2. The title says it. Why? Why F2P? Why this path, it literally makes DD2 a mobile class game with grinding. These are two top reviews on steam, first one points out biggest problems with the game. I know that F2P in the long run will give you more money but you're ruining other people experience, this is not the way DD was meant to be. First moba and now F2P grinder. Why, why did you have to ruin my dreams of a second good and fun DD game?
  3. Why hello there everyone. So short story,I've got Dungeon Defenders as soon as it came out with my friend. Pre-ordered shards dlc's when they were still at the development. I've got all of the DLC's with my friend. We spend more than 200 hours on this game. Dungeon Defenders is really amazing game. So why I'm posting this here? I'm really curious about that F-2-P model. Because usually F2P games contain many bad players and all things together costs 4 times the game price if it wouldn't be F2P. So I'm really curious, are you going to give up Co-op/Singleplayer campaign for free? Im real
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