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  1. Try Renegade X if you're serious about going back to Renegade. It's a modern remake by a small, dedicated bunch. You don't have to jump through hoops to get online, has a couple of changes to mix things up (like replacing your pistol with a different secondary), and pretty much always has at least a server or two full of people. It also has a single player mini-campaign for separate download if you want to see how well it runs (although it's a little outdated compared to the actual multiplayer client).
  2. I'm a rather boring person. Mostly gaming, but I also collect coins (I don't have any especially valuable coins), various penguin related things (not sure how that started but now I got a penguin arm pillow), occasionally doodle architecture, and remind iamison that C&C Renegade is a thing.
  3. while it may be a pain have you tried setting your keybindings to stock by pressing the default key and then trying? it's very early so memory might be off but I thought there was something mentioned on a dev stream or something that if people had changed their drop mana key to something besides the default they MIGHT come across an issue like this. Pretty sure it was suggested to set them back to defaults and then rebind them. The default button in the menu didn't actually default the keys, only the video settings. I'll try again next time I play.
  4. Tried your suggestion, but no changes. Did come across something interesting. Thought I can't drop mana using my thumb buttons, I CAN use the Ctrl+Thumb Button combination to drop all my mana at once. I guess it's workable, but still a curious bug.
  5. When the Pets and Dragons patch hit, I found myself unable to drop ability mana. Annoying to be sure, but something you can work around. However, just last game I found myself unable to drop build mana. As I was playing as a character focused Huntress, I didn't need more than a handful of mana to do on the spot repairs. Not being able to give my spare mana to our builders was a serious hit to our effectiveness. My drop buttons are typically 2 thumb buttons on my mouse, but switching to other keys, including the default, made no difference.
  6. Although in general I like to imagine the MOBA didn't exist, the taunt animations from it would be a nice thing to have back. Being able to use these taunts during the victory screen would fill the void.
  7. I was rather sad to see that you can't mix different costumes. It almost makes the full costumes not worth it, as you can get something more personal made out of the accessories of the default costume.
  8. With today's update introducing some of the benefits from the EA buy-ins, I just wanted confirmation the upgrade option will be remaining for at least some time still? I plan to upgrade as soon as possible, but without a strict time limit known I'm getting worried that I'll be too late.
  9. I understand the reasoning behind the Hero Deck and I have no immediate problems with it. But then again, I'm one of those dirty filthy casuals that didn't play Nightmare mode, have 4 different monks, or much care about meta gaming. If Trendy finds the hero deck isn't doing what they want, I'm certain they'll try to come up with an alternative.
  10. As the system is currently in place, in order to move to a new level range (and therefore gain access to new levels) you have to ditch the group you are currently in. This can be saddening if you find a group you cooperate with well or you're a party and need to reinvite people again. The ability to change the Level Range of the current Group tavern would solve this issue. Either have it be a leader activated thing or put it to a vote. It's entirely possible this is already planned, but I feel this is one of the things that needs to be put in place sooner rather than later.
  11. Far as I can tell from a quick test, your defenses maintain their stats. With defense health bonuses on my Apprentice, my walls had the same health regardless of what hero I had on the field.
  12. The devs have stated they intend only to sell cosmetics (hero costumes, tavern customization, and maybe weapon skins?) and boosters for XP. They do not mean to sell anything that gives a gameplay advantage over those who don't spend money.
  13. Wow, I've not bought a bag yet, but if you can't upgrade your existing bags that's rather odd. I'm gonna guess that functionality just didn't get through the first pass of the inventory system.
  14. I love the sort of painted feel everything has. My only issue with the graphic direction is the loot beams can sometimes obscure the view of lanes.
  15. Comments about the grind are fair, but to to say the F2P model needs to be dropped because of it is rather silly. The game has only just come out to the general public. If you think something needs to be changed, you just need to put your opinion up. I do agree that tower mana needs to be increased, as it seems to be incredibly rare compared to hero mana. I'm constantly out of tower mana, but I've yet to run out of hero mana.
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