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  1. OK thanks a lot for the replays ill try them out and see if i can handle it solo =)
  2. OK i need some help here, i'm trying to kill Ogres for the quest but it feels so impossible to do, because if you want to make sure to get the last hit then you need to play solo, and now with the new changes to solo play there only spawns 1 ogre per map so it feels like an impossible task. I have been playing a lot and i still only have 26 ogre kills. So any information about what map to do and what difficulty to play on would help a lot. What are the best option for me, any advice you can give me would be much appreciated. Ps: I have a level 50 Apprentice, 50 squire, 20 monk, and 20 hunter.
  3. I got my bunny, i got my wand, while i`m singing, this little song, uhh hello little doggy. Scary girl hits wolf with bunny of Doom go down 1 level.
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