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  1. PSN ID: Ticoray143 Times: 3pm - 4pm and 6pm - 7pm
  2. I got on finally and got my xp, now my squire is a level 76. Here I come Sky City...lol Thank you so much Trendy u guys r awesome.
  3. 8:05pm. Guess I'm not getting in. Best game = Worst Day :confused::(
  4. Please let me in PS3-Gods. I desperately need the xp points to beat Sky City. PSN: Ticoray143
  5. 8pm is fast approaching and I still haven't received a new invite. When I tried to join I got error message stating all slots full. I sent an email to TrendyEnt2 and TrendyEnt3 but I still have yet to receive a new invite. PSN ID: Ticoray143
  6. Need new invite also, Not enough slots PSN = Ticoray143 psn message sent to TrendyEnt2 and TrendyEnt3
  7. Name: Jessie ID: TRG HULK7 Time: 12pm - 8pm (Anytime)
  8. PSN: Ticoray143 Could not get in, please resend invite.
  9. PSN: Ticoray143 Could not get into invitation all slots full. What is TE PSN id.
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