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  1. I did around 70 times reroll on 9/10 shocking and no luck, i think i must do 10 hours rerolls to get a 10/10 roll. Drops for me rare like before no luck
  2. yes, they must shance mote farming. maybe other option is after reset ancient power your gear/ weapon/relics not reset al the way down to campaign depends on ancient power level or starting floor. example: my ap is 26 - starting on floor 45 i stary on chaos 7 or chaos 6 someone starts at floor 10 back chaos 3 or chaos 2
  3. This morning i have a lot of Playverse error's - like Webservice join call Timeout and Your connection has timeout. also when i get trough it take longer time and/or connection lost.
  4. I think it's not balanced! What do other players think about it?
  5. I totaly mis it, why they not update NEWS link? but thx
  6. Where did you find this information?
  7. when chaos 3 will start in mastery?
  8. Did you play allone with the quest under 30 seconds build phase? When play mastery allone it's to short to build to get trough the first wave.
  9. What will be updated?
  10. Same issue here but longer than 3 day's now.
  11. Same problem yesterday, today now i can login in but my created hero's are gone.
  12. Hello, My DD2 will not start to tavern, get only black screen with pre-alpha and turning pointer. Are ther more people with the same problem? gr. Robert
  13. I have a problem that my CTRL+M is not working. CTRL+N is working good, i un- and install DD2 but have same problem. Uninstall and cleaning the DD2 map, then install game again the CTRL+M is working But the day after it's not working anymore. (i don't test it with restating the game) Have someone the same problem and have a fix for it?
  14. If the temporary inventory is more filled than the lag is bigger when upgrading.
  15. Same issue here. I have reinstall steam and dd2 but no result.
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