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  1. Wife and I both will play on PC as we did the previous titles. We might also pick it up on our Switches at some point depending on how enjoyable the final product is.
  2. Hopefully, they'll design the game around an unlocked framerate so we don't have to utilize some janky mess of a workaround. Using UE4 in 2019 there would be no excuse for it being locked on PC. Even console users should get some option for 60 fps with reduced shadows/lighting or whatever.
  3. Even some random Fallout modders put out weekly progress reports. I expect a full blown indie company that's dependent on Kickstarter to at least handle a monthly progress report.
  4. Just make a stab at yourselves and provide an in game gag item like a "Sword of Developer regret" or a "Tunic of Company shame" as gift. Beats a pittance worth of "Gems" for a game a lot of folks never had an interest in.
  5. In all seriousness if there is anyone on staff capable of implementing DXR Reflections, Shadows or Global Illumination, any of the three would serve as cheap advertisement. There's still only 3 games on the US market (a few more if you count some mods for games such as Minecraft, Quake 2 & Crysis) with this tech actually implemented currently, every tech site and gaming/tech youtuber would cover it or at least make mention of it, free.
  6. I always thought the progression was a bit silly toward the end. The way I kept going into a couple maps I knew I ultimately couldn't beat to farm the gear I needed for my wife and I in order to beat those very same maps later just felt taxing and it was then that the game lost most of it's charm for me. That and a couple of maps where you just need more than 2 people because the towers just aren't enough. After 10 years of playing Everquest throughout the entirety of my teens I'm fed up with grinding for my whole life, I don't need it in Dun Def either.
  7. *Full Mod support, open/private play via Steam Workshop again *More maps suitable for 2 player local co op (I only ever play this game with my wife but we played 1 hundreds of hours) *more focus on the towers and strategy *unlocked and variable frame rate support *Unlocked aspect ratios and resolutions *Color deficiency options
  8. I don't have much in the way of expectations given this project lacks a Triple A budget but I figured it's a topic worth mention. Since Unreal 4 supports DX12, Vulkan and even the integration of things like path/ray tracing, DLSS, HDRI and Variable Rate Shading is there any chance of these things being used in DDA? 4/2/19 Unreal Engine 4.22 was released with various improvements to developer tools including those to implement DXR & unbiased path tracers 4/11/19 Nvidia just released their new drivers that enable DXR on pascal cards IE: GTX 1060 6gb and above which expands the user base exponentially
  9. My wife and I both use 21:9 monitors. We're super hoping for unlocked aspect ratios in DDA. It would be a massive disappointment if it didn't.
  10. I clocked a LOT of hours in Dungeon Defenders with my wife. I really enjoyed the game and we bought all of the DLC. So news of this sequel coming out is very excited. I really hope I can get into the beta I would gladly provide feed back.
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