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  1. So i was thinking about how the market is in DD 1 atm and i think it could be fun to have something like a beta branch where you pretty much just played live version but with new economy. This got me thinking that Seasons, Leagues and ladders as Diablo and PoE are using could be kinda fun for DD/DDA they ofcouse shouldn't be every 3 months but maybe half a year or a year where you can still chose to play "standard" or you can play "season", at the end of each season you ofc get the characters and bank with you to standard mode. You could also add themes like this season all enemies have +#% increased movement speed, or extra health, pretty much any modifier that could make it feel fresh each season. If it increases greatly in difficulty because of many minor modifiers they could ofcouse also add something like more loot quantity/quality.
  2. Just add me on steam and we'll discuss the price https://steamcommunity.com/id/Shadkillz/
  3. It is indeed. Juicebags did some testing for us and came to that conclusion. https://youtu.be/K_dCDmDQwX0 It was a difference of really slow powerful hits vs really fast slightly less powerful hits. With how fast mobs move, you certainly want the faster hits even if that means slightly less damage. That's why the Apprentice's Earthshatter tower isn't as amazing as its frontloaded damage would lead us to believe. But his mark had Defense Health instead of a dmg stat i think, that's why he wasn't using it
  4. it's a free to play game, the devs have to make money somehow, the whole thing that we are able to buy the new heroes for ingame currency is actually pretty amazing if you ask me! they said in some stream that it is intended that it's a bit of a grind to get the new heroes but if you ask me the current situation is that casual players don't need the new hero now, and the pros are fully willing to pay those 15 dollars. the only think i wish is that trendy drop the casual player focus, from lvl 1 to 50 is for casuals where you should have a campaing and a boss, where the whole nightmare section should just facesmack you with all new strats that are supposed to be for hardcore players or atleast some players who actually thinks about combinations, different mob types and all those variables there were in dd1.
  5. it's 12:30 pm edt now, so about 1,5 hours to go
  6. I'm pretty sure they would anounce the new patch before i hits live, and i don't think they will put a lot into their hotfixes since it's a major patch where they are "trying all over again"
  7. could you provide a link or a name for said addon? im having a hard time finding anything that is able to do this
  8. Hi! so i remember back in the day you could download some files so you could play with up to 4 of your own heroes to level them faster. Was this a cheating feature or is this still possible?
  9. so you want to buff DPS to that point where you can't solo anymore because the content is too hard to do without 4 dps? TOWER DEFENSE, not HERO DEFENSE game. I see your point, but you are creating more problems, and pulling the game further away from legitness by making DPS stronger
  10. Hi! so as everyone has said here on the forum, the gear doesn't feel rewarding, and even if you equip a 40-50 ipwr higher than your last item, you almost won't feel the dmg change. First of, as many have said, it's starting to look like diablo more than dungeon defenders. I actually like their reasons behind it, they are making it mandatory too early in the game. They say that Nightmare 4 is the most difficult, and this will require some serious tower placement, and some good builds on your heroes (passives). That's 100% ok! BUT first, i don't like that Nightmare 4 is the most difficult, they should give the end difficulty it's own terrifying name, like in dd1, everything was easy until you hit "nightmare" and guess what, it was a nightmare... second, the passives and builds are a nice feature, and it can give people somewhat their own playstyle (this is extremly limited by the hero deck and the fact that you can't chose your own lvl up points). HOWEVER, trendy! you need to seperate this. We need a longer campaign mode, and make it last all the way to lvl 50, a mode where you actually only need stats, no pasives, but it's still challenging in the way that, the first time you try a new map, you have no clue as to how you should build, excatly like in dd1, it was easy through the whole campaign mode, but still fun. So now, we have a lvl 50 hero who completed the campaign and only has Defense stats, no pasives. We should no progress into something "incursion" a like where tower placement is becoming key, passives are starting to drop, but non of them are 100% mandatory if you know your way around the map you are playing. Incursion should be a pre endgame, that actually counts as a endgame for "casual" players, people who doesn't want to do the 1000000 hour specifik grind to hit the leaderbords, or to complete the hardest maps, but still find stuff challenging. The core problem is now that Trendy has build the game up around their "builds" so a DP only build won't scale to high dmg since you actually only have 1 stat, in DD1 you had the attackspeed (im not here to whine about it or to try and get it back), meening that now, we put 20 points in DP and get more dmg on the turret, but before, we could put 10 in dp and 10 in ds, which would give us somewhat an exponensial raise in DPS. This also results in the feeling of a new gear upgrade not feeling rewarding since you gain so small a dmg boost on dmg compared to more dp + hihger % roll on pasive that we all in all have stopped looking for the DP as main stat, but however the passives as main stats (this is where it gets more Diablo a like that DD1). So what would i try to do to make everything feel more rewarding? i think at the moments DP has too little to say, so how about we nerf the passives a bit, make EVERY trap scale 3 times as much on DP and then ofc Scale mob hp up aswell. This will make the 50 ipwr upgrade give you a much more satisfying change in your dmg, something you can look on and really see changing, also it will make sure that you don't need the 1000 hours grind just to go from Nightmare 2 to Nightmare3 go much smoother since the RNG will be limited a bit more. But what about the endgame? yea see, the endgame (this endgame meaning the hardest difficulty) is where this game becomes much more brutal on you, now you you NEED passives, and they are going to be so hard to get since there is a LOT of different passives in the game (not atm but hey, give it a year) so you need some god damn specifik RNG, this is somewhat where the game is right now, and only hardcore players are farming nightmare 4 (im still stuck on NM2) the last difficulty should be something that only people who are playing this game on a totally other level than the "casuals" can get, it requires a new way of thinking as of how EVERYTHING should be build, a mode so different that the casuals actually can leave out that part of the game AND still say "i almost completed Dungeon Defenders 2, i can't seem to get a hang on that last difficulty, but hey, that's not the type of gameplay i wanted to play anyway!"
  11. Hi Trendy! so if you ask me, besides this balance, we need you to kinda balance the maps a bit, right now the first map is usually not worth playing since it's too hard, compared to liferoot it's hard, but liferoot is much more rewarding. I agree to your suggestions from the start of this thread, but instead of scaling everything down, maybe it could be better to scale the early maps down quite a bit, but only scale the later maps a little bit, so we can get a smoother progress.
  12. Hi! So im actually here to ask you guys for advanced tips! I've been playing this game for 600+ hours and i have a few characters in lvl 100, however, i plan to do a full reset because why not? the problem is, i was actually kind of stuck in my last play, i was actually only playing Magus NMHC Survival, and tavern defense for xp with the monk setup. I was actually never able to beat some high end content, and i'm pretty sure my builds was somewhat close to being well placed, i also used DDplaner for some maps ofc. But, what i really want to know, is, what maps do you farm when you enter nightmare? Magus is easy, but it doesn't take too long for you to get the best gear it drops, i just played it again to get mana to buy in shops, so what map after magus? i heard someone talking about aquanos back then, but that map was way too hard for me. So if anyone have some nice progression tips, i would appriciate it!
  13. This was an influence vote, and the wipe was for everyone to feel the joy of an almost whole new game.
  14. i just can't figure out exactly how it stacks up, so right now i have all in all 89% frosty power on my gear and 926 DP, so that should buff my towers under frosty effect by 824DP or what? but if i put a huntress trap at tier 5 with 21k dmg, not dps, just flat dmg. With 1 frosty buff it goes to 27,5k thus gaining 6,5k but i just can't seem to get where this number comes from, am i missing something?
  15. yea, i have 2 of those pieces from nightmare 3 incursion. It's just stupid
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