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  1. What if you don't have the mystic? Like myself
  2. I'm having the same issue with 100k dps flamers and 3.2mil health walls it's ridiculous kinda hate the assassins wish it was the dd1 assassins instead
  3. Now that traps and auras are no longer killed by siege rollers I disagree with this entirely now there usable on every difficulty projectiles still suffer but in time that might get adjusted in some way
  4. Hey by chance have you found a power gambit I've been farming c1 for days looking for it have 14 range shards but can't find power gambit starting to question if that's actually where you get it
  5. What's weird is rollers are actually the only real problem I feel everything would work without it more defensive units would also help variety but it's not that the towers are useless it's that the risk of instantly losing a tower and the mana used to build or upgrade it instantly even if we had the amount of mana drops from dd1 so losing that tower wouldn't hurt so bad
  6. Nope not skydragon then the monk aa tower I can never remember it's name for some reason
  7. Yeah only played once so far but it worked I'll play a few more maps in a minute and let you know but really only thing that changed on my build is maw attack rate which isn't a huge deal kinda annoying but not huge
  8. I use maws flamethrower and skydragon and occasional oil geysers dependent on lane gets me through it requires paying attention making sure enemies don't get stuck and repairing but I clear every time with that
  9. Lavamancer walls are also beast mode. His maw can do great work and with the shards for petrified enemies taking more damage and exploding on death this just gets better. Oil traps actually oil now. Fissure does aoe fire damage. Auras with range up still work and are out of reach from rollers. Seriously this update is great and shards are the best thing to ever happen to dungeon defenders
  10. Shards and ascension levels I've slow grinded up to chaos 4 with primarily lavamancer builds people the game is much better and closer to dd1 this is the best dd2 has ever been at least now there is 4 or 5 super useful towers and all walls are useful rather than pdt I win b. S. That it was
  11. What do you guys have for non dryad c4 or 5 capable builds I'm running apprentice lavamancer and monk for c3 pretty easily but c4 seems to not be going so well wondering if it's a gear issue or if dryad is basically required for c4 or 5 and please no ridiculous hate this game is better now than ever just looking for some opinions and advice on builds
  12. I disagree apprentice is very viable as well my flamethrower towers do tons of damage and cause low Agro can be placed out side barriers
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