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  1. at first i felt that teh blue didnt fit it very well but after a few days i got used to it, but i would still vote gold ober blue it just looks better overall for me.
  2. yea im pretty sure thats intentioonal as one of the possible wave 4 waves is all strong units like orcs, trolls, and frost mages no goblins or troll spears. and in that particular wave the small wyversn get turned into the big fire wyverns
  3. also looks like its a mining town due to the tower to left of the building has a pully system rigged on it
  4. i would like to try my hand at summoning as well. can i summon the person responsible for the AI of the waves. i would like to know if possible how you improved the AI from dd1 and also how long did you have to study programming to be a specialist in ai?
  5. on the image where you got the closest one of the buildings looks like its a face with red eyes and fire in its mouth (like a jack o lantern type feel for the face)
  6. Speaking of donuts, I'm glad you didn't see my shame on Sunday afternoon. I was STARVING, and I spotted a bag of Dunkin' Donuts by our merch booth table. I reached in, grabbed a strawberry-jelly-filled donut and RAMMED IT into my face. I had sugar and jelly all over my face and down my shirt. Worth it. so thats why you got sick after pax, for taking that donut
  7. Although I will warn everyone that this map is HARD! the map is really hard i think i saw around 12 groups attempt it and only one group won
  8. 1. in my opionion the streagnth of the ranged combat was the overall safety of the hero. it allowed you to clear waves of enamies without putting your hero in harms way of doing so. 2. the biggest weakness of the system in my opionion was that it was too strong. the weapons overall was stronger than melee weapons as well as the added bonus of taking less dmg. 3. i would lower the dmg from ranged weapons or increase the dmg from melee weapons to balance the streagnth differential between the two. 4. the projectile type i would love to see is a boomerange type weapon. one teh you throw out
  9. [QUOTE] [/QUOTE] here comes the big bad wolfs.
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