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  1. Any plans to add unique mana mechanics to the original heroes like the DLC heroes have? It would be nice to remove the blue crystal spam from the ground. Seems they all have something you could add regen to that would fit their theme if they're being active fighters: Apprentice target marking to get mana back Squire damage block giving him "Resolve" or something Monk maybe getting "Chi" regeneration from heroic wave Hunteress...okay, dunno, maybe headshots to gain "focus"
  2. Yeah, was disappointed the fix only lasted 1 patch. On screen prompt says to use the thumb button that I rebound it to, but only accepts E as the placement command.
  3. I had 50 DU left over and couldn't place any defenses other than the 20 DU one. When you're getting the message that you don't have enough DU for the next node, the button that is supposed to end the chain cancels the placement instead. I also have my activate button rebound to my mouse thumb in case that has contributed to the issue at all.
  4. On top of this I still can't jump even though it was fixed 2 patches ago.
  5. They said on the NYCC stream yesterday that with the revamp they won't be using all the characters anymore since they're more focused on interaction between characters now. Coming up with interactions with 24 characters that don't overlap each other would probably be a big mess. They didn't say how many they're keeping though. They might not even know themselves yet. Maybe they can use some of the monster heroes as special enemies now.
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