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  1. I think you people need to calm down. Although I DO want this back, pretty badly, this is only a hand full of people doing this. Not to mention if they deviate from PC a couple people might be upset as well. I think PC is their main selling point. I do want this back on the android though. And I reeeeeeeeally wan't cross platform. But until then I can bide my time.
  2. DAMNIT you beat me to it Very nice though xD
  3. Well, maybe you are not playing with people your level! And with people that are all towers. A tower spec plus a DPS character makes a fantastic team. But Frumer is right.
  4. A save feature: yes. HOWEVER, I think it should act more like a quicksave. No saving before wave 20 or something so you can get insta-awesome loot all day every day. When you load the save, you should be incapable of loading from it ever again. On that note, if the server disconnects an auto-quicksave would be kind of nice... Also, we would have to find out what to do with your teammates.
  5. Kindle Fire is a dual core processor. It *should* run fine. There might be some touch screen differences though, but I don't have one so I can't say.
  6. Gear respec would be great. However, I would really like more than stats. Some re-coloring, size changing, and element swap is something I would really like.
  7. Its so hard to see someone disappearing from the Dungeon Defenders team. I have been following you guys for quite a while and the time I take a small leave of absence something like this happens ._. JD, you did fantastic. I hope you keep doing well in the future!
  8. Hmm... quite possible. It would take a little bit of file moving if you can somehow dig into the application files in an android and placing them to the iPad manually. As for cross platform, I don't know anymore. They said it would happen but its been quite a while. I hope they keep their word.
  9. A little sad that all four parts are going to be $4 each. One of the big appeals of this game is that its freaking amazing and only costs a small amount of money. I do suppose Trendy needs some other forms of income though. But still, kind of sad. I loved the free updates :D
  10. ^^^^ For shame ;_; LOL I get it. Tuesday. 2's day. I remember when sonic games were good... Although to be fair, Generations was freaking amazing.
  11. Granted. You are now made of helium and your voice is so high nobody can understand what you are saying. I wish my sandwiches were best in the land.
  12. LOL You are getting suspended quite a lot. I hate to tell you, but Neopets is a KID FRIENDLY game. So anything that could even be mistaken as a bad word, immoral suggestion, or something above (p?)g, you WILL be banned. Also, you don't have to post a new topic every time you get banned. And if your so angry about it, go write an E-mail do the higher-ups in Neopets.
  13. How to launch would probably be a better title. So I wanted to get my hands on the development kit for a while, and I finally have time to try it out. Its downloaded through steam as DLC and... well... I was wondering how on earth you open the darn thing up. Probably been posted before, but I can't seem to find any thread on this. Also, this probably should have been put into technical support. My apologies.
  14. Granted. However, you can only wish for one other wish at a time. I wish this thread was more active.
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