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  1. hahaha!! There is one here in Berlin too. ->Potsdamer Platz in the subway tunnel in the Sony center!
  2. First a little backround on myself: I began playing DD1 when it released on 360. I bought every single DLC for the full retail price (no steam bargains etc.) until the fanbase on 360 realized that we were being screwed.Neither did we get costumes, nor did we get the masks, or even Endgame Content. This itself was unacceptable. We payed full price -> we only got half the content. Back then the forums on their homepage started exploding because of this, and the only answer the players got was (paraphrasing) "If you want those features get it on Steam". So I, as a loyal fan of the franchise, payed another 30 bucks to get it on steam....and again I bought every DLC. And again I was dissapointed. The Multiplayer on Steam is basically unplayable if you play legit because everyone is cheating, hacking etc. A few months later rumors started to spread about Trendy's Boss, who apparently was making bad buisness decisions and neglecting his employees, concluding in the fiasco that DD1 was. Once I heard that he had been fired, obviously my hopes for DD2 and possible patches and fixes for DD1 went up. -They retracted the Idea of DD2 as a MOBA, and went back to their original ideas to make it a sequel. -They said it would go open Beta and everyone would be invited to play. It is needless to say nothing ever got patched..not XBOX not PC. Xbox still has no endgame, no costumes, no masks... PC multiplayer is still filled with cheaters, hackers, and glitchers NOONE I personally know was ever invited to the beta. As a Customer who payed far beyond 60$ for two full copies of the game, don't I deserve them to stick to their promises? Am I unreasonable for expecting my money's worth out of a AA Title? Sorry Trendy, but I am out of patience with you. Everything you do is a slap in the face to your fans. Peace out.
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