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  1. Miss ya all after all those years <3
  2. As Title said, i look for : U++ crescent, double cap AB1 + 2 must have side . paying : atleast NPC ( New celeb ) up to a total of 300cv Accs : overcap ab2, must have side . paying : event / cube / coals / dia ( ofc, everything must pass IC ) Regards, mArm
  3. while fighting the old one : when your stepping on fire and green lazer and mobs hitting you your going to need that ;) ik that wont happen togther but i like doing that xDDD it happen together, its a possible pattern of the fight :) but w/o standing in fire, handling the green *** & mob hitting is pretty easy with 3.5K ( thats why i use 3.5K fairy )
  4. Nijox there is 2 method to test it, & both are against trendy term of use. But you can send your " test result " to Acen. Provide as much information as you can Like, how, with what, and where Best Regards .
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