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  1. Hmm, that's odd. Maybe try restarting your Steam client or computer all together and then waiting a little bit before re-opening. Maybe Steam just got confused and needs a minute, haha. If that doesn't help I have no idea what would besides a complete un-install and a reinstalling it.
  2. This is really cool. Had no idea this was a thing!
  3. My Steam client said "update queued" for a while, however, I just clicked on Play, then after a few seconds it started to download the update. Hope that helps. :)
  4. Cool! Thanks for sharing this. I'll have to try this soon, although I started to really like the mouse and keyboard (gasp!).
  5. Awesome! Just started playing last night (finally!) and glad to see there's a patch out! Looking forward to trying it out!
  6. Did we surprise you? Did we shock you? What did you like? What didn't you like? I was completely surprised when I heard you guys announced it. Didn't expect it at all. Really awesome to see it changing directions, for the better after seeing it at PAX! :)
  7. Why do you think the competitive MOBA is our primary focus? ^^That. Two developers which I talked to at PAX said they are putting the MOBA is to give you something to do while in the mean time while playing the cooperative campaign, or when you're waiting for the next DLC to come out, etc. The focus is on both the competitive (MOBA) and the cooperative. I am extremely happy for the "two games in one." :)
  8. This is such a fantastic writeup. I hope everyone enjoyed the game at PAX. We gathered a ton of feedback. I think the best moment from PAX was seeing everyone's surprise at the new camera mode. That just goes to show just how willing we are to change things up in the beta stage. Stay tuned for more DD2 news. Happy to see how open you guys (and gals!) are for development changes on DD2. Really hoping to get my hands on this again sometime soon. Keep up the great work Trendy!
  9. Good luck! Evil orphan Annie. "Come with me, or I might just make you into one of my own toys!" "Wait until you see what my parent's are like!"
  10. I was able to play this at PAX East and everyone I got to talk to at the booth were very nice! I'm looking forward to beta testing this game if I'm accepted, but so far my first impressions were mostly positive save for a few control issues I had. I can understand the reasoning behind why they chose to design it this way though. Overall, it was fun and I can't wait to see what other things are in store for us. Same. I'm really hoping I get accepted into the beta sometime soon. Super excited to keep playing it. Also, yes the devs are extremely nice and willing to talk about what they can. :)
  11. Just click the enemy/tower/creeps. You will automatically attack with auto attacks. WASD movement. 1-4 are your spells. 1-3 are your main skills that you can level right away, and 4 is your ultimate; like in most mobas. There was a "v" button that i tried to figure out what it did, but no idea what it did. Didn't seem to be implemented yet, or my hero didn't have a use for it. There is a return spell like in LoL, and there is a TP item that lets you to TP to any friendly structure; couldn't find the hotkey for it, so i clicked it v_v V (and/or B) actually does a taunt once you kill ano
  12. Is last shotting (or whatever the term is) as necessary in DD2 as it is in LoL? Not exactly sure what a last shot is, but judging by it's name I can assume at least. Attacking is pretty decent, it works very similar to LoL, nothing is really different in terms of that. Of course, since they did say they've changed a lot in the beta, it could change how attacking works.
  13. Thank you for the impressions guys. I appreciate it a lot. :) No problem! Happy that people like hearing about the game. Wish I grabbed some pics or video of the game, but was too busy playing. :P Now I just need to get some beta access and play this game all night long. :P
  14. Have to say, I played this weekend and had never touched a MOBA before, and embarrassed myself horribly. It seems similar to one of the BGs in WoW. It will take some getting used to, but I can't wait to learn! :) Yeah, MOBAs take a while to get used to. I was happy that I played LoL a bit and understood some of the logic. I'm sure all of us DD fans will become good at playing em! :)
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