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  1. you can actually report him and he gets banned for trading for real money.
  2. Maybe you used up your 3 wishes? lol^^
  3. the game is exelent but , really , the DLC is getting out of hand , too many of them :< thats the Only to survive today for devs ... ( if they dont have some Millions of dollar to make a game ) The Publisher help them out ... ( they get alot of the sales ) the engine produces ( Epic games gets 25% alone ! ) then some more fees based on the value they get from the buys ... steam gets a part ... and and and ... they get like 20% of the money they actually make or even less... How do you dodge it ? only way you have alot of Millions in the Pocket and your own great game engine then you
  4. VAC bans are delayed never will VAC ban instantly. As such it means you hacked in MW2 and were banned from that. not sure how that affects other games but possibly bans from all steam online games. Only SP works iirc. You'd have to double check that though it bans on same Game Engine so i gues Mw2 uses Ut3 engine ? if you hack on css Your banned from all Source games that use THIS source engine ( aka L4d uses Source engine are ANOTHER one a newer one so if you hack css your not banned at l4d ) Hl1 engine and so on....if you cheat on Ue3 engine with vac your banned from all Ue3 games
  5. VAC is only Activated in ranked . in OPEN you can Hack , cheat , mod whatever you want . "The VAC system reliably detects cheats using their cheat signatures. Any third-party modification to a game designed to give one player an advantage over another is classified as a cheat or hack and will trigger a VAC ban. This includes modifications to a game's core executable files and dynamic link libraries." Modifying the core .exe / modifying .dll - These are high risks of causing a vac ban modifying the games memory - I'm sure it's similar to the above Other minscule things really don't trigg
  6. This has been known for months, you're really late. Known since 1 or 2 week after launch
  7. Seriously? That is crappy... why all the press releases espousing it when it is not real. :'( If a dev said Its in work or will possible come soon the press says Dundef will have Croosplatform ! Crossplatform soon coming to dundef ! and so on.... so hear mostly only on the devs
  8. Anyone else wondering why they didn't put the presents in the secret room? and why direct near a dummy so half of the right present gets stuck....
  9. As I said before: -Give goblins mana steal -Give orcs a warcry to buff damage temp -Give mages the ability to teleport X amount of ENEMIES from the back of the line to their location(excluding ogres and others have to spawn behind the mage so as to not bypass a barricade) -Give archers a poison arrow(POISON RESIST!) -DEWs are iffy as theyre already beefy -Ogres, you already gave them resistances apparently in NM, so I dont see a need to give them more -Already mentioned spiders above(zerglings) -Kobolds already do significant damage to towers without an aura so I cant imagi
  10. yeah only the top tier players who are capable of farming the loot will be able to upgrade it by selling it to the masses Same feeling Everytime i start dundef i ask myself what todo no One joins my shop i cant beat the old umf, New for sure not grinding mana isnt fun to me I bought this game because it was.start and play and actual get better with fun now its all over wow ... Grind ever the same thing and dont tell me thats how rpgs are look at guildwars or elder scrolls and so on they never need farm **** and btw dundef was marketed as td with RPG elements. Now its a RPG with tower Ele
  11. I got actually only some parts of umf ... on the new maps on insane hard and so on drops nothing solo umf isnt doable by me ( they even buffed umf.... ) so how the hell can i equip myself ?!.... before it was easy... go hard , > insane > glitter > challenges now ? **** anything > umf > Nightmare .... so pls enlight me . my friends and me are very confused now. ( Ps in any random game i get kicked as huntress most times ... as app too if theres another , countress and any melee is ****ed on the new modes i heard ... spiders 1 hits and so on.... ) so pls someone en
  12. Ok, I guess you're those people that actually believe VAC is working in DD then.. In that case do carry on.. I rather not reveal how I know VAC is currently not working for crap on DD.. so you hacked ? wait some months and you see your response from vac ;-) Vac works in the past it Monitors your hacks , searches more people with the same to get Positive and then rages all from top to down banned . so they get more black sheeps why you thought was the 300k cod banns ( that was all false and got rejected ) at most at the same time ? they got triggered all over months by the same false Positi
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