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  1. Yea i signed it and my psn is on the google doc thingy PSN: Nugget2324
  2. I haven't got any invitation :( my first event went bad :/ :(
  3. Haven't got any invitation from any of them :/ what does that mean?
  4. I couldn't make it at 5pm today I had to go to the doctors and I haven't gotten any invites from you guys.. please help
  5. The xp event thats happening right now, do you have to make your own lobby so that the "gms" could join you? or do you just get 50mil exp out of no where ._. i never actually done one of these events this is my first time...
  6. Oh, there only going to be events? far as I know that is..
  7. I was hoping to know if there going to be a update for ps3, Its been the same for a while and I(we)want to try something the pc people could. Please reply and thank you
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