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  1. That worked amazing! I set it to the settings they reccomented but it crashed my game. I turned the number down to around 5k and no crashes, no lag, beautiful looking game! :) THANK YOU! Now to teach my 8 year old how to play :D
  2. I decided to reinstall the game today and am suffering the same issue. Is there any way to post what exactly needs to be changed in the ini without having to join a discord to download the ini off of it?
  3. Took a while for me to do these events since i was waiting for the other half to join me. We both liked them :) I had to upload the screenshots to deviantart. I didn't realize I could have just taken them in steam itself until after I had already done print screens. Hope that is alright. Princess Quest: https://img00.deviantart.net/71f6/i/2018/040/d/1/princess_quest_screenshot_by_verrilo-dc2ouir.jpg Lord Vile: https://img00.deviantart.net/0039/i/2018/040/8/e/lord_vile_completion_by_verrilo-dc2otai.jpg My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/verrilo/ Thristam's steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197991129630/ Thank you so much for this opportunity! :D
  4. Ahhhh ok, that makes sense now. Thank you for explaining :)
  5. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what does Diamond 4/9/15 mean? I see people also do 5/10/15. I've looked all over the forums and can not find an explination for this.
  6. Oh my goodness THANK YOU. I was not even aware that it existed! Now my map views are leaps and bounds better. TY TY!
  7. I know this thread is almost a year old, but with the recent content update done less than a month ago (which shocked me and made me return to DD1 after years of not playing) I wanted to put in a few QoL changes i would like to see implemented. DDE inspired (not really QoL change, just something I personally like):- A transmog system. Some of the weapons/amors/accessories do indeed look neat but are unwearable because of bad stat rolling. The transmog/recolor NPC in DDE is really neat and if we can have that in DD1, it would be a lot of fun to accessorize my characters. QoL changes:- Please let us DISABLE the mob count spawn list on the map view over all the doors. As much as it is cool to see that, I would like to see a menu option to disable it since it tends to make it hard to see chests/drops/defenses when I'm looking at the map. - When using "move tower" ability from the jester, allow me to use the same alt+scroll hot key combination that let's me scroll through defenses when doing upgrades so I can pick from a tower stack what I want to move - Accessories: The stat rolling on them is beyond abismal 99% of the time. Perhaps there is a way to normalize the stat rolls based on difficulty? Doing embermount and getting cursed items with triple diget negatives after getting my hide singed by that blasted tower munching pheonix is disheartening. - Increase mana limit in the tavern shop: I have some stuff on my tavern floor that I'd like to sell for more than 2billion but aren't worth a coal(10b average). I can not be at my machine all the time to negociate transactions and the few items I could just throw up for a handful of billion without worring about having to be present would be fantastic. - The alogrithim of stat rolling on gear makes it so I see only one true upgrade every... week or so? I do survival waves 20-35 and that takes around 5-6 hours to finish. 99.9% of the drops are vendored. I walk away with maybe 2 pieces a run that are "ok". I don't know how the code works to stat roll on items, but I don't think it's appropriate, considering the rarity, that ultimate quality armor roll negatives or double/single diget stats. My last survival clear, I had 3? pieces of ultimate armor drop, and they all went to the garbage. Thank you for the third content update that was done in January 2018. That was quite a holiday suprize and I do hope you guys keep working on this game. Playing again has been much fun and I've been able to pick up where I left off years ago like riding a bike. :) Well sorta, been a bit rusty relearning maps I used to farm like a champ.
  8. You can open a console with the F1 key? I did not know that! I will have to try it out next time I'm in game. :D I feel very silly now. As an in game loot atlas, it doesn't have to cover EVERY drop. If it covered only unique drops that were reward items, that would be enough. We know that if you have, for example, a huntress in the game that an assortment of guns will drop, but that person may not know that for completing that map on that huntress will give them a unique gun as well. There are also maps that have fixed rewards no matter the class you do them on (like the Ogre Party Hat from Ogre Crush). There is an assortment of information already online on the forums, but it's not always updated or correct and that causes a lot of confusion. It's not a big problem, but it is there. I remember when monks went from being solid melee dps to now being the kings of range (then again I call anyone who plays melee in NMHCMM survival wave 25+ very VERY brave), but knowing what map to do for what reward to get the best dps experience out of my monk was the hard thing to figure out. What I find a lot harder to dig up in the forums is information and guides on classes. I remember spending a good part of a day trying to find out how to balance stats on each builder before I attempted soloing some of the end game maps. I found some information scattered amongst several threads, but the stat range was so all over the place, I wasn't too sure who to believe without discussing those numbers with my friends. It can be a frustrating experience when all you want to know "So, should the tower rate stay around 2.5k or should I am at breaking 4k? Is the different really only 5% dps? Are my points better invested in hit points or attack?" and have to read over a handful of threads that can't agree on a single answer or explain why they chose the answer they did. I do like how the community tries out map guides and posts how it worked out for them and the stats the average on their builders to succeed on that particular setup. I learn a lot more from map guide threads than the individual class threads themselves most of the time. This is something that Trendy themselves can't fix, but maybe encourage players who really get down and dirty with theory crafting to make guides for classes and do a feature for those guides in addition to making them stickies! A Defender Guide Spotlight? We already have map contests. Members of the community can also assist guide creators by requesting stickies in addition to helping provide information to keep those guides updated here on the forums. Steam has guides that you can browse through the client, but I like reading on the forums too. Thanks for the responses!
  9. The RNG has been completely reworked for DD2. We'll have more details on the RNG as we get closer to the co-op beta. That makes me very happy! :D I am looking forward to seeing the details on the reworked RNG.
  10. After over 1,100 hours of DD I am finally an Ultimate Defender! :D Having done all the achievements in the game, I still don't feel like I've completed it yet since I have a goal of being able to solo all the content in the game. I have my friends and the public game community for helping me get to where I am now in the game. Some things I would like to see in DD2: HIDE ACCESSORIES OPTION: PLEASE for all things good allow us to hide accessories if we don't want them showing on our skins! I love the models a lot and feel like those accessories just get in the way and ruin skins if they don't match the theme. A top hat and a mustache looks wicked on my ranger in his tuxedo, but not so much on my summoner. LARGER INVENTORY: I understand the need of not having so much data on your servers, especially with characters going to be 100% server side in DD2 to help with the hacking issues. I thought 320 slots was enough until I hit that margin and now I find myself having to part with items I had saved simply because, I need more space. Maybe I just need to learn to be less of a packrat, or be more selective about the items I save for myself and my friends. Perhaps combine our tavern floor with our forge inventory so it's a grand total/tally of all items together in both locations. That way I can make up that less stuff on my tavern floor and have more space in my inventory to keep things there. IMPROVED CHAT SYSTEM: Sometimes I would like more space to type something out for my teammates, especially when we are trying to have discussions about stat caps and best places to farm and why ect ect. I don't think a chat window is needed, just more character space would be fantastic. Also, allow us keep a log that we can look at for chats, incase we miss a post and want to go back and read it. Perhaps when alt is pressed the last couple lines of text from a conversation can be viewed. PUT BONUSES ON ITEMS: Forcing someone to use a character skin because it grants extra health and extra damage is something that never sat well with me. I like the skins as cosmetic rewards. For example, I like how the diamond pet forces run speed to 120% no matter what the stat says on the sheet. This makes the diamond a must have for characters that are builders. The diamond is an item in the game that takes a lot of time investment to get. Similar bonuses can be done for weapons, or completing a special set of gear. :) It would give people a reason to replay content, rather than just do it once, get a fancy skin then go on their merry way to something else (like I did silent night once for santa imposter and never did it again. I'd rather do Winter Wonderland for coal since I like the accessory rewards from there better and that once in a blue moon ultimate). TAVERN CUSTOMIZATION: I love the spooky tavern. It makes me sad when it goes away. Can you let us pick a theme for our tavern if we want to keep it as our "active tavern theme" please? Perhaps you can add tavern themes we can unlock in the game through challenges or achievements! VISIBLE UPGRADES TO TOWERS: I do not know how graphics intensive such a project would be, but I want to put it out there. There doesn't have to be a visible change at every stage. If you do it, it could be minor. Let's look at the harpoon turret, simple like a compound crossbow. Now let's upgrade that harpoon to 3 stars, now it looks like a Van Wolfstein as a turret! Pretty cool eh? The previous stages don't need to change at all, but I would like to see that three star turret not only lay down the hurt, but look like it hurts too if the projectiles hit you! Ouchies! IN GAME LOOT ATLAS: Where can I find a Van Wolfstein? Where can I get a Monk Wrench? What do I need to do to get a Ogre Party Hat? What do I need to complete for a seahorse pet? Add an ingame atlas that lists all the unique loot on a level! Like for example Sky City. You can add a list on the page that says "Unique Rewards" Then list the Item name with an icon or icons that depict what classes can use it. You can have the list dynamic and change if the loot is different on another difficulty. On survivals you can just list the wave needed to reach to get the unique pet from that map (since some are 15, 20, 25 ect). MANA CAPS: I would like to see the mana cap raised much higher than it is now. It wasn't until I started doing NMHCMM survival content that I realized, it's REALLY easy to hit the mana cap once you get high high high up in those waves. I would also like the cap raised in shop prices! Yes, please let me sell items that I deem worth more than 600million mana in my shop! Running after my 2 year old doesn't always let me be online for those pricy transactions that require other forms of currency because I would like more than 600million mana for that diamond I spent two weeks farming to spawn. PROGRESSION: It's confusing to new people who buy the whole game in one shot and come in and see all this new shiny content in one go. Perhaps a chronological listing (similar to the campain list) can be done that lists each map(including challenges and expansions) in order by release to help new players decide what should be done first before moving on to bigger badder things. Perhaps you can add a recommendation to each map that includes what maps and difficulty a player should complete before attempting a new one. For example if I look at The Summit on Nightmare Difficulty, under level it should also tell me "recommended completion of original campain on Nightmare Difficulty up to Endless Spires". The listing would be more helpful on challenges, since it's hard to tell which ones are the original challenges and which are the newer more difficult ones just from level requirement. WHAT TO KEEP: -Don't let CO-OP die! Without it, I would have lost interest in DD long ago. -Holiday events! They are fun to do, but be constant and do them every year so if we don't finish or miss an event(get sick, vacation, unable to fit in enough play time) (like those easter eggs), we can still go back and do them again when we want or the next year when the event comes around. -Keep adding more classes in the future. I love how the Summoner let those of us who enjoy RTS get a feel for it with this class. Bravo! -Keep adding more maps! Rather than focus on lots of content separated by wide spans of time, do mini releases of a map and some exclusives to help keep the game fresh! The contest maps are really amazing, but if a boss fight is intended, maybe you can make a new boss for that map rather than recycle an old skin. (a goblin mecha in akatiki makes me giggle quite a bit. A big green deformed ogre covered in moss and vines would have been more fitting) -Freebies! Not everyone can fork over lots of cash for extras, so having them free for a limited amount of time is a life saver. Thank you so much Trendy. This is everything that comes to my mind right now as I sit here and think about all the things I would like to see in DD2. I hope you consider my suggestions and thank you for everything you have done for DD1. I hope that DD2 is just as much fun and I do look forward to playing it (there goes another 1k hours of my life haha). Beta key or not, I'm still waiting for preorders and preorder goodies/perks to become available to us :D. Keep up the good work and thank you for your time! -Signed Ultimate Defender Verrilo
  11. This is a neat looking map! I am looking forward to doing something other than bang my head on my desk trying to solo CDNMHC
  12. I have a 175k pawn that started out at around 15k with just 359 upgrades (ultimate quality). Finding one that will break 150k shouldn't be too difficult. I am unsure what the price would be though. =/
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