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  1. That worked amazing! I set it to the settings they reccomented but it crashed my game. I turned the number down to around 5k and no crashes, no lag, beautiful looking game! :) THANK YOU! Now to teach my 8 year old how to play :D
  2. I decided to reinstall the game today and am suffering the same issue. Is there any way to post what exactly needs to be changed in the ini without having to join a discord to download the ini off of it?
  3. Took a while for me to do these events since i was waiting for the other half to join me. We both liked them :) I had to upload the screenshots to deviantart. I didn't realize I could have just taken them in steam itself until after I had already done print screens. Hope that is alright. Princess Quest: https://img00.deviantart.net/71f6/i/2018/040/d/1/princess_quest_screenshot_by_verrilo-dc2ouir.jpg Lord Vile: https://img00.deviantart.net/0039/i/2018/040/8/e/lord_vile_completion_by_verrilo-dc2otai.jpg My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/verrilo/ Thristam's steam profile: http://
  4. Ahhhh ok, that makes sense now. Thank you for explaining :)
  5. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what does Diamond 4/9/15 mean? I see people also do 5/10/15. I've looked all over the forums and can not find an explination for this.
  6. Oh my goodness THANK YOU. I was not even aware that it existed! Now my map views are leaps and bounds better. TY TY!
  7. I know this thread is almost a year old, but with the recent content update done less than a month ago (which shocked me and made me return to DD1 after years of not playing) I wanted to put in a few QoL changes i would like to see implemented. DDE inspired (not really QoL change, just something I personally like):- A transmog system. Some of the weapons/amors/accessories do indeed look neat but are unwearable because of bad stat rolling. The transmog/recolor NPC in DDE is really neat and if we can have that in DD1, it would be a lot of fun to accessorize my characters. QoL changes:- Please
  8. You can open a console with the F1 key? I did not know that! I will have to try it out next time I'm in game. :D I feel very silly now. As an in game loot atlas, it doesn't have to cover EVERY drop. If it covered only unique drops that were reward items, that would be enough. We know that if you have, for example, a huntress in the game that an assortment of guns will drop, but that person may not know that for completing that map on that huntress will give them a unique gun as well. There are also maps that have fixed rewards no matter the class you do them on (like the Ogre Party Hat from
  9. The RNG has been completely reworked for DD2. We'll have more details on the RNG as we get closer to the co-op beta. That makes me very happy! :D I am looking forward to seeing the details on the reworked RNG.
  10. After over 1,100 hours of DD I am finally an Ultimate Defender! :D Having done all the achievements in the game, I still don't feel like I've completed it yet since I have a goal of being able to solo all the content in the game. I have my friends and the public game community for helping me get to where I am now in the game. Some things I would like to see in DD2: HIDE ACCESSORIES OPTION: PLEASE for all things good allow us to hide accessories if we don't want them showing on our skins! I love the models a lot and feel like those accessories just get in the way and ruin skins if they don
  11. This is a neat looking map! I am looking forward to doing something other than bang my head on my desk trying to solo CDNMHC
  12. I have a 175k pawn that started out at around 15k with just 359 upgrades (ultimate quality). Finding one that will break 150k shouldn't be too difficult. I am unsure what the price would be though. =/
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