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  1. Its quite a shame that only 18+ can join the beta, negating the possibility to test the game for the most part of the community, I would have loved to test the game, but i'll guess I will just wait for the open beta (if there is), or for the full game to get out. Cheers to everyone that gets a beta key :)
  2. SID: Lardi SID Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lardi/ Day: Saturday Hope i can get in, im having alot of trouble with nightmare mode :/
  3. lardi


    I cant find that stat menu, it doesnt show anithing, godamnit, what i am doing wrong?
  4. lardi


    Oh thanks, i need to know how to make custom weapons with DDK, i created a child archetype, clicked properties and dont know how to change the stats, like hero damage, tower health, etc, i need a big tutorial for this lol.
  5. lardi


    I just started looking at the ddk, and i updated the database, but when i enter the DDK says that there are missing textures and objects, (i think i may have skipped the update, but now i dont know how to re-update again) any help?
  6. Uhhh... Any fix has been found? I really want to try Mad mana map :(
  7. This also happens to me, but with a different map of the workshop, named Palantir, it automatically crashes and doesnt give a *DungeonDefenders.exe has crashed*, dont know what to do... >.>
  8. Ultimate, just jump on top of them, they can transport you! Check it out!
  9. Mine was today when i found out i could ride ogres :D, though the range of giving orders was small :(, and fliying with summoner is fun too, you can get to far areas you couldnt be before
  10. So today i was playing and i found a guy that had 99 hours in DD and had level 83 and armor with 3000-35000 worth each armor stats, he said over the chat he used a program im not going to mention, i even have the chat log and screenshots of the armor and weapon, and i say im dissapointed the game doesnt detect hacks at all, the thing is that i was on ranked, if it was in open i wouldnt care about it, open is more like a sandbox for testing things
  11. I mean the location in the pc, maybe i didnt explain it well
  12. That would be great, right now, im thinking about asking the tabernkeep for a service to customize your weapons that would cost like around 50000-100000 mana to change the size, color and name if you used a wrong name by mistake
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