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  1. Prep the Rage Quit Button called Uninstall
  2. seriously, at least give us some idea what is coming instead of nothing, its rage inducing to want to play the game, but so many issue in it that need to be addressed
  3. I'm not opposed to this, but ONLY if zerkers got more atk and/or move speed to compensate. I agree they're 100% the strongest enemies in the game, but I still don't think they're TOO strong. they have the 2nd highest HP in the entire game, while has massive damage, knockback, resistance, and slow immunity (Might as well make every boss a zerker at this point since they are the most OP enemy in the entire game) the Zerker is a glass cannon that can dish high damage and move extremely fast at the cost of having lower then average hp, if they get a hp nerf but get another buff, then we might as well remove blockade out of the game to buff them since they just gonna sprint right through walls instead, again keep in mind IMMUNITY TO SLOW is a passive they ALREADY HAVE
  4. Zerker need a hp nerf, if a Zerker has 12M hp in C7 atm, we can keep it attack damage and speed due to the name, but need a nerf to its hp since a zerker is basically a glass cannon melee
  5. the most i heard is a complete account reset and they might unban you, other then that Nope
  6. luanle21

    Item Check Thread

    hmm where have i seen those stats before.... wait did u happen to come into a shop called General MTSU Fixed Prices today or yesterday?
  7. i gave up on hope for trendy to even care for DD1 anymore
  8. luanle21

    Item Check Thread

    never understood how to identify if something is legit or not could someone please teach me your wise ways?
  9. i find it funny that when i played i join NMHC and insane HC maps and only gotten kicked twice.... if u still need help: SID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045056304/
  10. wait what cap are the obsidian weapon for stats? thought was 700....
  11. akatiti jungle from experience gives best overall on NMHC had a gladius or was it a clova (ehh dont remember) that had bout 689 or 700 on tower dmg and trate with a 550~ on thp and monkeys are better on NMHC for that map while every other map is completely opposite also thx eagle for the info
  12. hmm maybe ill pay 5 coal? (mostly havent found any blaster)
  13. pretty much any of the vanilla maps on medium or so diffculty
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