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  1. I've had that happen to me before when playing with a friend. Upon completing a map, he can do surv and i cant. Only way i found to fix it was to complete the map with me as host or solo. Not sure if thats the only way though
  2. Did you play it in someone elses game or solo/you hosting?
  3. yeah. working on it. Though the boss lived for the whole of 6-8 seconds. So not that big an issue atm. Might be with more players on the map though
  4. Me and a friend just did this map now, with less stats on our builders. Only thing we had to change was to remove the healing aura and a reflect beam to get inferno traps on the two biggest choke points, as the auras werent big enough to take care of enemies stunned by gastrap, was a big problem first two waves at the two west crystals. Ish stats(not near comp) Auras, 1400/2700/1400/1100 ish Traps, 1300/2200/1625/713 ish Summoner 2900/2500/1200/1200 ish EV 2200/2500/xxx/1200 ish Used monk+barb for boss Monk with sup sparius and trans seahorse with 281 ups and 2,3 k hero attack Barb with 3 k hero attack, trans cat with 250+ ups and supreme glads So build works like a charm. Thanks for that!
  5. How much stats are min required to actually take down the bosses? Me and a friend got to the bosswave just fine with around 2,5k-3 k builders, but couldnt seem to get the bosses down in anywhere near a decent time. Used monk+barb, with prop cat and seahorse, both pets trans with 250+ upgrades in them and gear is decent enough(did akatiti NM campaign boss in about 8 seconds) Any feedback or build help would be greatly appreciated=) Volesus
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