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  1. Hi. I recently bought a new macbook pro. And when I play dungeon defenders there's a noise. I think it might be a sound bug? I never had this problem when I was using a 2011 macbook pro.
  2. Can you help me check this plz Thank you It is lvl 93
  3. Want to buy a E-Cannon with not bad dps stats and can reach 110~120k dmg Willing to pay up to 14 cubes My SID is zhangoumeng
  4. I need 20 coals to spawn a diamond so I'm selling 4 cubes Add me on steam if u r interested My SID is zhangoumeng
  5. I think u mean C / O not B/O? 7 cubes SID:zhangoumeng
  6. Title says all. I want to spawn some diamonds so I'm selling my cubes for coal. Have about 40 for sale atm. Feel free to add me if u r interested. EDIT: sry my SID is zhangoumeng
  7. SID:zhangoumeng http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198054885815/ SID:NicAzrael http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071055041/
  8. I'd like to bid 12cubes if u r willing to sell. But if you really hope to get that many cubes I suggest that u keep it.
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