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    Item Check Thread

    https://imgur.com/QzJ6Rvf This 206 prop cat, with 239 ups, not even mythical. Def modded, right? :/ I wish I had paid attention before buying it.
  2. Aaaaannnnndddd.... FACEPALM. I understand what you mean, there were already so strong xD But with damage increased on almost every defenses maybe if the damage was the same on Blaze balloon, it would have been useless.
  3. Trendy talked about it in the video with Joystiq if I remember well, a character that only put defenses and another that only dps The only thing they said is that they will avoid a class with his own DU.
  4. Rakkeon


    I was wondering... Is there indie games at E3? Will TrendyEntertainment be present? I've never been to this convention and any other neither lol, but I'd be happy if Trendy would be there to recruit new defenders! The last convention was a success and looked very fun so I guess it would be the case here too. Also, E3 is near of the end of spring and what am I waiting for a long time? The soft release! YOUUHOUU! Take your time though, I'm pretty sure fans will understand if you cannot launch a beta this spring. :)
  5. i hope they bring in some characters intended for the moba into the coop, they have so many cool hero's;i personally loved the look of the crystalline knight < maybe this could be a purchasable cosmetic for the squire with a unique buff, equipment or different/ additional special ability. Once the game will be released, if it is popular, I'm pretty sure they will add new characters. Probably beginning by E.V./Summoner/Barbarian and then heroes from the moba.
  6. The possibility to pay with in-game Money is not bad at all. So if you play a lot, and don't have money in real life, you can access to a lot of adds content. It's sounds good. Well I don't know if Trendy plan to add "upgrade equipement with mana" just like in DD1, but if it is the case, would not it be pay to win? I think Xp boost and m in-game currency boost would be better for the players that don't put a lot of time in the game. That said, I think I'd pay for anything Trendy has to offer. I paid DD1 so I will pay for an even more awesome game.
  7. Oh my god, I want to play that on the tower defense version. I don't care about his towers or skills, I wanna play it. Haha. :)
  8. Trendy is focusing on teamwork. I like this idea of deck. It won't make solo impossible, only harder. So yeah that is cool: Difficulty or teamwork, and from what I've seen so far it is already hard with the teamwork. lol
  9. Hi! His name is Rider. You can find a picture of him in the proposed avatar. His name was under the picture so I could do a google research and I found an awesome fan art. :) Enjoy!
  10. Now I didn't look at the moba much but considering how many heroes I have seen mentioned over the forums I don't think it is possible for them to come up with that many towers for that many heroes. I've played the MOBA and yup a lot of characters. xD I can't imagine unique towers for everyone and I don't think it is even possible. :/ They can add a few though and I would not be disappointed to see some "clone" tower with a different character. Exemple: the walls are squire's role so far (Apprentice has walls but they bump not really the same thing as the squire's wall) and a character in
  11. I wouldn't call it a class. I don't want people to play a character AGAINST me. lol It is a co-op action rpg tower defense. BUT I can easily imagine it as a pvp mode, not a pvp character (if I understood well what you mean). I've seen something similar in a game called "Dungeonland" where a player try to stop the other players to the race to the exit. It wasn't the game itself, but a little mode. It was fun and I would play this if it was a thing in DD2.
  12. They've organized some so far. I participated, but I'm not a good drawer, but I'd do anything for a key. xD I like the idea of a place to post fan art stuff. They definetely should add one.
  13. When Trendy said "Rakkeon" in the stream to get a beta key for the moba. <3 My heart was beating so hard. haha
  14. I am the Key Maker. You can always ask me. So can I have a key? :D It costs nothing to try I guess. xD
  15. i voted but dont quite understand what the votes actually do? The editors of the website do an article on the most voted subjects. I don't know if we can get this far, but if they look further than the top subjects, maybe they'll notice our subject, read it and simply add the game in the F2P section just as I wanted.
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