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  1. oh the thread was moved to suggestions. Not very fitting, as i wasnt really suggesting anything, just bringing points into light and allowing the disscusion of thigns in a hospitable manor. Plus no one looks at this thread, so rage threads in the general disscusion will still show up, where as this thread was trying to bring light to those people to maybe redirect their rage or eliminate it all together heh
  2. well anyone who bought the game from a 3rd party shoulda got a steam code to get it on steam. So you can get the DLC through steam that way. kinda your only option for now.
  3. well i did buy the heroes, only becase i had some free time and was bored. They are alright, but def rehashes of the old ones. maybe they will change things.
  4. I think I might be a minority on this, but I was more than happy to buy both DLC packs (I even picked up the heroes as well for my significant other cause we both love the game. Trendy has given us free Halloween challenge and 2 sets of costumes (before post Halloween price), free Thanksgiving map + costumes, constant patches and adjustments, and even providing their own server without any advertising. Heck the DLC came out with 20% off on it as well right at the starting gate. I spent maybe about $10 between myself and my significant other, and while the content of the DLC might not seem
  5. guys ignore each other, no need to start fights. Cyrup has a point kinda, went a little ovverboar with talkign about it, but the conetn value per dollar is kinda low on the DLC. Maybe it took a bit longer than he said, but its still kinda low.
  6. i never compared DD to fallout 3, only used fallout as an example of a static priced dlc system. and if this game is so POS, then go play minecraft and leave the forums. As i said in the orignal post, dont start a fight here.
  7. just because the DLC isnt up to par with the general idea of DCL desnt make the whole game bad. still a good game regardless, just bad dlc choices
  8. well theres a ton of people who have only played them game for maybe a couple of minutes so... yeah i guess that tends to tweek statistics, but i dont really count people who just bought the game. im looki at the early nov and earlyer people. =P
  9. I have a quick factual correction for you on average game play: Your Statement: Stats from newest dungdef digest other then that tidbit, good post. pretty much every steam i look at on the furms is between 75-200 hours maybe i just have been finding more of that 8%
  10. oh i usually buy DLCs for game si support. just hoping some eyes open sometime soon but i doubt anythign will change for the current stuf, but hopefully the future sees brighter days
  11. My original support of your quote was in agreement with letting things settle. I believe in letting everyone else play test it and work the bugs out, as I'm never in a hurry to buy a game or DLC. Well ill get DLC if i want it. like somethings just... sppeal to you immediatly, regardles sof price. XD But just as of now, with the comotion on the furms and the holiday im waiting a couple days probably. =]
  12. not meaning to get a little ahead of myself here, but are you talking about http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?27841-thoughts-on-the-new-quot-characters-quot&p=211183&viewfull=1[[887,hashtags]] ? knee socks! =d
  13. i havent bought it as some kind of statement. I just have no desire at the current moment to play DD or level new toons. Ill look into it after thanksgiving, just dont have the time for it right now. =]
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