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  1. 15:10 Nice. New record, ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Woah~ That's really close. You guys can do it!
  3. Add me over Steam (my SID: wat). I'm still collecting Ult++ armors. I'm sure we can strike a deal.
  4. 16:26 That's a nice time harry, not record-breaking but good :)
  5. Auction ended,watisme add me: Chocky I can't find you on Steam (there are too many "Chocky"). Could you add me instead? Link to my Steam profile is in my signature.
  6. Haha bidding just started again after 4 days because wat came back or something :P Haha~ Oh well, I've got nothing left to do in DDE since the latest patch because apparently I can no longer find any upgrades for my characters whatsoever. Anyways, I'm not going higher. Good luck Nam!
  7. 2 ult dps sets + 2 sup dps sets + 50 cubes = 250 cubes
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