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  1. Cubes were a thing in DD1 because they were supposed to be rare, i.e. 1 per account. However, due to hacks, they were created out of thin air and saturated the market for a time and became a problem. Trading should be fine as long as items cant be duplicated. As far as specifying currency, the community will always decide what it values for trading, even if it isnt the official currency. The valued currency seems to change over time too.
  2. We are still moving forward with another update. As far as what CDT looks like when Chromatic releases DDA, nothing has been determined or at least told to us yet. So we shall wait and see what happens. The previous update was a quick one to help promote the discord release.
  3. We may not be monetarily compensated but Trendy making money continues to allow for further development. So it is good for them to get your support. If you want to support the CDT, please provide feedback when changes and updates are presented so we know what the community likes and doesnt like. Also, please help test the betas when they come out. Both of those help us and the community as a whole.
  4. I checked into this for you and it seems like the save file with your data cannot be restored. Sorry. wow, is there anyway to prevent that kind of issues ? player-side ? You can prevent your data from being unrecoverable by not logging in after you realize you lost your data. Each time you log in it overwrites an old save. To prevent data loss in the first place, it is best to play on a wired connection. Most reports I have heard were by wireless users. Also, dont log into DD on a linux/OSX machine if you have been playing on Windows. It will wipe your data since the versions are different and not backward compatible.
  5. I checked into this for you and it seems like the save file with your data cannot be restored. Sorry.
  6. The amount of mana you hold is currently capped at 2020. So you would not be able to hold all the mana from the chests if they opened at once.
  7. There is a stickied thread in the players helping players thread that addresses this. It links to this guide by Pew Pew Pew to get the fix for your issue.
  8. It is a new pet introduced in the 8.4 update.
  9. They will appear under Lost Quests tab.
  10. You could wait to see if there is a steam sale. While it is small compared to other games, there is an active community. There are still updates and events happening on the Windows version. In regards to the maps you asked about, if you are playing on Open, you can download custom maps from the Steam Workshop which contain weapons that arent game possible. You are free to use those in Open but weapons like that arent allowed in Ranked, which is where most of the community plays.
  11. We will try to keep a tally of the bugs here that players find. Please post below if you find a bug and we will try to get it addressed as soon as we can. Bugs Reported: rewards not given on CD Resurgence Part 1 (likely part 2 and 3 as well)dice pet size can get too bignew pets cost too much mana to upgradeCrystalline Resurgence Part 1 and 2 dont have boss shown in cut sceneCR cut scenes arent skippableArcane library - doors dont open for non host
  12. Yes. It is being worked on and getting ready for beta soon. It will not have everything we originally planned due to time but Update 5 will catch what doesnt make Update 4. :)
  13. You shouldnt start another account for sure. This is a common problem on Macs which I assume she is using. The answer to this problem is actually posted in the troubleshooting guide that is stickied in the DD steam forums here. Look under "unknown heroes, unknown stuff" Note: Since you want to play together you both need to be on Mac or on Windows. The two are currently not compatible. Also, do not switch from Windows to Mac as it will erase all data in your save file due to the incompatibility. You can go from Mac to Windows just not back to Mac.
  14. locking the thread since players arent going to be able to help much and may just troll you. I have sent you a message with some information.
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