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  1. So everyone sees: At this moment, Valve is adding the AMP to the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards complete pack. We'll be sure to update this post the moment the AMP has been added. Nvm, question answered. Why ask questions if the answer is already there, on the same page nonetheless.
  2. Am i the only one that thinks that using left and right mouse click to attack feels ... clunky? Half the time it does not recognize the clicks and does nothing. How am i supposed to use the secret attack by attacking left, right, left, right? Have not problems with other chars. Also, Barb is as slow as Squire.
  3. Why not buy it? It's not that expensive. Or, why didn't you buy it for PC in the first place? It was known that PC would be the superior platform for DunDef, due to modding capabilities and it being the lead platform.
  4. [quote]Q: My TrendyNet heroes are all gone! A: There appears to be an issues with the Steam Cloud Service, we are working on a Solution. For now you should have no Problems with saves if you are playing in Open mode. If you also experienced a Crash corresponding with your loss of data please visit this Thread ALSO: Please check both Ranked and Open/Local Play. You might have created a character in Open/Local, and are trying to use them in Ranked so please be sure you aren't making this mistake. ANOTHER POTENTIAL FIX: Some people are finding that they get all their characters/progress ba
  5. It seems some people don't understand the term ROLLBACK. [quote]In database technologies, a rollback is an operation which returns the database to some previous state. Rollbacks are important for database integrity, because they mean that the database can be restored to a clean copy even after erroneous operations are performed. They are crucial for recovering from database server crashes; by rolling back any transaction which was active at the time of the crash, the database is restored to a consistent state. The rollback feature is usually implemented with a transaction log, but can also
  6. This section is for talking about patches. If you want support, please post in the respective section.
  7. Spooktacular Insane drops a nice weapon for Monk, but the really good stuff is in mixed mode insane survival.
  8. TrendyNet is just a network, the company is called Trendy Entertainment.
  9. He's wrong, the Turkey Hunt challenge unlocks costumes a different way than Spooktacular, each difficulty grants a different costume. Easy = Apprentice Medium = Huntress Hard = Monk Insane = Squire
  10. There is a bug that happens if you upgrade further than 126 in one stat, just don't do it.
  11. Those Dragon guns can have multiple projectiles, Grenade Launchers on the other hand cannot.
  12. A complete shut down is not a good sign. That is more than just bugs. Bugs in a game software can't cause shutdowns, since they don't have access to that level of hardware interaction. It's basically Game < DirectX < Drivers < Hardware. Now to your shutdowns, these are normally done to protect the hardware from damage. Common causes are overheating, which you already ruled out and voltage fluctuation. In this case your PSU may be at fault, or your mainboard. Does it happen with other games that tax your videocard or system in general?
  13. I think they are called trophies on PS3: http://www.ps3trophies.com/forums/playstation-trophy-news/4300-dungeon-defenders-trophy-list.html
  14. Projectile Speed Bonus never gave a damage bonus, it just makes projectiles faster.
  15. Insane Ramparts also drops tracker weapons.
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