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  1. yesterday was memorial day, a national holiday in the USA so most people have off from work
  2. why is that every time they release info on any portion of this game everyone over reacts?
  3. just pulled leather boots wtih 116^ from mistymire
  4. Odds are i probably wont be that into the moba part of the game but im not ready to dismiss it before having even played it. i just hope that they really nail the tower defense part and use the moba part of the game as a diversion or change of pace in between new content for the tower defense portion
  5. Having never played a moba style game before, i am somewhat interested in the competitive mode and seeing what its all about. That being said, I'm much more interested and excited about the traditional dungeon defenders style gameplay. Im not ready to write off the moba as being terrible or not being "dungeon defenders" until i actually play it
  6. i wonder how many people actually know what band that is supposed to be?
  7. i like the customization idea. I would like to see them add character evolution. Something along the lines of when you hit a certain level you can evolve your hero one of two ways. Take the squire for example, upon evolution, you have the choice of making him either a dark or white knight. The dark and white knight would have the same towers as the original squire but additional, unique abilities as well, maybe the dark knight would have poison abilities or ones that would decrease the enemy mobs strength while the white knight would have the unique support abilities like tower buffs or heal
  8. level 90 and i have some decent armor with most having at least 90^ so i want to make sure im putting the points in the right spots
  9. When doing a traptress build, what is the ideal stat range that you look for? Just trying to figure out the right balance of casting rate, trap health, damage, radius, and reset speed. Not sure at what point that certain stats like radius and reset speed become pointless to dump points into. Sorry if this is a repeat post but ive searched the forums and cant seem to find anything about a trap build for huntress.
  10. i started having the same issue last night, seems a little bit better today but not much
  11. i play DD on 360 and love the game but dont like the fact that they dont update the console version the way they do pc but i understand why they dont. for that reason i am in the process of getting a pc(only own a laptop at the moment) for DD2.
  12. this will be my first MOBA as well and am really looking forward to trying something new while having it be something familiar like DD. What i'm really looking forward to most is the traditional tower defense portion, CANT WAIT for this game to come out!!
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