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  1. There is no aim assist in this game, I've never had the problems everyone else claims to have.
  2. Ethereal only hits one at a time... Why would you want that increased?
  3. you dont need a translation.. you just need to open your eyes xD i am sure you are one of those guys that BLINDLY pay for everything they put in front of you.. no matter how bad it is... cheers! ps: he might still need a translation for this post also! or some glasses! whatever makes him understand! ps2: anyway, i am out.. my intentions werent to start a flamewar.. was just to express my opinion but with this guys popping up with those posts its kinda hard.. you can troll whatever you want byez :) Your english is terrible, it's not his fault he's having trouble comprehending your me
  4. I've paid a lot more for a lot less. what Trendy promised you to be a sheep and defend them? Sure it's only 15bucks+5bucks+2bucks = thats close to an AAA+ game title. Few more DLCs and you spent more then you would have for Skyrim. Skyrim is a one in a million game. Not really fair to compare the two.
  5. If it were me I'd have put the each shot at a little higher than 1/3rd to reward people for getting in enemies faces and hitting ogres with all 3 shots.
  6. The DLC became mandatory when they released Heroes that are pretty much complete upgrades of their counterparts.
  7. @Shiny: You are being extremely nit-picky if you think sacrificing 59 points on a char build that has over 600 available points for a weapon that can be switched mid round to make them full tower spec again is "Hybridizing". Where is the line drawn? If I put half the points into wep damage and the other half into tower damage on the weapon, are they still hybrid? How about 60/40? 20/80? Where's the line? It's about stat allocation on the Hero because that is the unchangeable part of the character and often reveals the intention of the character. Are we in an imaginary land where everyon
  8. You don't need to have 500k dps heroes in order to win.
  9. To Everyone who says the OP is wrong, Math cannot be argued. It is a simple statement of fact. OP is correct in his math. To the OP, You said that the developers are saying that Nightmare Difficulty and future levels will be more challenging. We don't even know what that means. It may require some different thinking and specs than pure defense and pure DPS mixes. What if prep times are 5 seconds between waves and you have to do DPS and build at the same time in early waves? It may not just be harder hitting mobs with more HP. There's lots of ways to make things harder than just more hp
  10. Never heard of the issue, perhaps you should bring it up.
  11. Also for all you naysayers, here's a game to compare with: http://steamstatshistory.appspot.com/id/71270 Clearly it's declining like all other games do over time. To be fair Football Manager is a masterpiece of a game that can only ever increase in players.
  12. The point is that games naturally lose players, and I for one only played private matches anyway because I feel like that's how it was meant to be played. Edit: As in private games with friends.
  13. This is the natural cycle of videogames, very few keep their initial playerbase. By now the people know whether they like it or not.
  14. If I do this on PS3 will I be banned? You couldn't do this even if you wanted to.
  15. All the 40^+ ups i have seen had ****ty stats compared to those. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?24876-Post-your-7.10-Super-Loot-Here! Peruse this. Stop being so whiny.
  16. Well i farmed whole yesterday and didnt get ONE item even close to those stats+resists. And they are all the same level, what a coincidence... Anyone else had such a good "luck" and can link a picture of items like that? People got those items the minute they came out, use the search feature.
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