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  1. I've already signed up for the community event, that'll probably be going on my tower squire. Its not a massive issue anymore, my huntress is back to 80, just need to find another soul focuser / blasticus / animus and armour with min 70 upgrade again -.-
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply, the only reason I'm asking is because the corrupt data file is still present, and in some cases, using a hash checker, to rehash the file can make it readable once more. Again, its not too bad, I'm level 79 on my huntress after grinding mistymire on I+ But the other character may take a while :s
  3. Went to play a bit of DD today, only to log on and find that I had no characters, I immediately quit the game to double check I had loaded the correct save device, only to find that my savefile was corrupted, and that it had automatically created a new savefile. Therefore I cannot revert to the backup. Ultimately losing my level 80 huntress with 101 upgrade armour, my 74 apprentice, and my tower squire who was of a similar level. Is there any way i can recover this using the corrupt file and a computer? I probably still have modio from the good old gamertag modding.. This is Xbox, not PC.
  4. Name: Joe Xbox Gamertag: Zuriion Time: GMT: 22:00-24:00 EDT: 18:00-20:00 Count me in
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