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  1. Not just with warriors, but the Demon Lord, for example, you're not even given a chance to move. So whilst you're spawning, he could hit you, or cast his flame on you...and it doesn't always end well.
  2. I've seen many thoughts on survival, but I think this works. It cuts down the grindfest by a margin, I reckon. Well, at least splits it up. In conjunction with other thoughts - difficulty changes and whatnot - I think it would be good.
  3. What I would suggest is that hosts can set minimum and maximum levels for the joining players. This would result in a lot less kicks too. I second this.
  4. To prevent it being abused, what if it only allowed you to load the save a few times after being defeated, and after a while, deletes the save. So it still gives you a chance to re-work, but if you literally are unable to make your defenses suitable, then there's also no reason in it allowing you to keep trying if the situations just aren't right. Maybe 3 chances or something.
  5. I too must agree that random kicking really upsets me. Technically, I shouldn't make a deal of it, but I feel practically offended. I don't mean any harm... And for that matter, it makes me want to re-join and tell them that there is a "Private match" option. If they hate people joining THAT much, they should at least know that they can hide the match or make it invite-only... Here's some ideas I came up with: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?25115-Server-type
  6. Hey folks, my suggestion today *mostly* regards the "quick join" system. Have you ever had it when quick join puts you into a server you do not want? I was thinking that it would be nice if it were possible to do the following: When creating a server, along with the room name and such, it gives a couple choices. What type of server it is, and whether you want quick join to work or not when they use it (for those that love to kick, and forget there is a private match/hide match option. I just wanted to get that out there.) Server types could include: Trade server, Campaign server, Challenge server, Survival server, Low level, High level and so on. Although some of these filters can be chosen through the custom game filters, not everybody wants to wade through servers all the time, and just want to dive right in, but you don't want it to put you into a match you're not interested in. More importantly, servers should be allowed to set a particular level limit, to ensure that nobody is too high or too low. This results affect quick join. When you click quick join, a box pops up, and you can select the filters for the servers that you would like to be able to connect to and choose whether you want it to find servers that are currently in the tavern, in-game or regardless. Another option would be to disallow quick join putting you into a game you left/got kicked from. By default, all filters are marked as on, allowing you to join any, as normal. I did also consider whether being able to choose what map you would like, but I decided against it because an element of surprise would be nice, as long as you choose the type of surprise you want. Thanks for your time; any thoughts?
  7. I reckon it should cost half the amount it took in total to reach the level it's at.
  8. I've thought about something like this - but in a more general way. The way I thought of it was, in the build phase, you can change the priorities of all your towers. Either as a group for all towers, or individually, and what to target first if it is in range. What this achieves is, you can choose what the biggest threat is. Of course, this effectively repeats what you're saying now. But I think it would be better if it was player-orientated than pre-set, as circumstances change all the time.
  9. I enjoyed it for a while, but there's only so much you can actually do. And once you have a suitable defence, it's a huge grind, and you could survive for days - literally. Dungeon Defenders was on my Steam wishlist as soon as I saw it appear, and pre-ordered it the moment I could. I'm happy to know it was worth waiting.
  10. One question: I earned the Smithy achievement in-game, but it's not on Steam? I dunno why that is... That would be because you were either doing open online play, or local play. Achievements are only added to Steam through playing on the moderated TrendyNet option, found through online play. Bear in mind that you cannot cross characters from TrendyNet to Open, or otherwise. So you'll have to start from scratch with new characters.
  11. I will happily join in, if I own the games.
  12. If it were me, I'd probably have it engraved on me almost everywhere. I'm not a Kirby nut. What makes you say that?
  13. [quote]Im Takami ^^ Im a moo moo cow and I go Moooooo! I like gaming , um o.o waffles and also cookies : D Cow Power!!![/quote] What kind of cow? Patched? Spotless?
  14. Well, I did say it was, uh, *slighly* exaggerated. But in a nutshell, 1% of that is true.
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