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  1. i accidently declined your friend request, can you re-add me? sorry about that. Note* added you. (i think)
  2. Awesome thank you soooo much! My Steam Name is "Rieca" http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060387336 :O omg, thank you soo much! can you add me via steam? name is "Rieca" http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060387336
  3. Title says it all, its a ult+ with 380/381 ups Sword https://gyazo.com/955c84a4b368d2cfbacff06b761ec9ba Look for coal/cubes/ Good espear.
  4. Accomplishment #1 Accomplishment #2 Hi! I need a few more accomplishments for ultimate defender, but they are supper annoying! So what i was hoping i could do is someone sell me service! I'm willing to pay 15 coal for all the pets (I've got Monsters in My Pocket) (thanks for hooking me up!) I'm willing to pay 3 coal for Santa Tavernkeep (Jingled All the Way) I'm willing to pay 8 coal for both Sky O' Love maps (only has to be done 1 time on nightmare for both [Playing' Mythical Cupid] ) (thanks for hooking me up!) And lastly i'm willing to pay 10 coal for both Djinn Recruiters (once again, only has to be done one time on nightmare) (thanks for hooking me up!) NOTE: i don't think i can buy service for the last accomplishment, so i'll handle that one myself. Write below on which ones you can help me with, and i'll add you via steam. Note: for some reason steam says i have the achivment, but i don't have all the accomplishment's done, so i still need those following^ Underline= Still need done. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060387336
  5. oh yes, i see what you mean about WWNMHCMM, ty!
  6. Hi guys, quick question: What is the best spot to farm ults and supreme armor, like map whise. I have been running tinkerer's lab NMHCMM (with a friend aswell), but i find my self not even getting 1 ult a run (im changing to a summoner to get only armor). Anyone know the best place to farm?
  7. ill do that next time, thank you so much!!!
  8. Hey guys! this is my first post on this whole forum page, so please cut me some slack :) I reserve the right to not sell the item if I'm not satisfied with the final bid https://gyazo.com/e0c562ab31bacb8c16827d759258607c Current offer is 3 coal. I accept coal or Cubes.  Leave your offers below! ill try and keep this as updated as possible :) NOTE: sorry i got completly lost on how you post a picture on here, so i did a gyazo of it (screenshotting software) i will update it when i find out how :C
  9. Rieca http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060387336 I dont do coal Lottery anymore
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