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  1. i think it needs to back up everything!!!! I agree with that. People without PS+ have absolutely no way to back up their saves and given the number of hours you can invest in this game, it's pretty heart breaking to lose everything but your character's levels...
  2. Alright, thanks, I'll relay that info to my friend.
  3. I'm surprised because the file size is pretty dang near identical, so it wouldn't make sense for the backup to only be a few bytes on character's names and levels. Did you actually salvage your character and their levels when the corruption happened to you? What steps did you use or was it automatic? It could help my friend who is having this problem right now.
  4. I am referring to the 2nd save file that gets automatically created and that is labeled as a back up saved data. I keep hearing these stories of save files getting corrupted and one of my friends recently got his corrupted and I was wondereing if you could maybe delete the main save and let the backup do its job and replace it upon booting the game? Otherwise, what is the point of that backup save if it can't help you when your main save gets corrupted?
  5. Ok good, that's a relief to an extent. I still wish duping was 100% impossible, but at least that's a decent nuisance. The bad part is that as noted earlier, you cannot know in a trade if what you receive is duped and may end up vanishing in the future. I don't trade much or at all, but that's kind of unfortunate for the legit trading community.
  6. Back in october, a few days before the game was launched, I asked the devs on this board if the game had any anti cheat measure to avoid duping, ruining the game economy, etc... I received an answer from a Dev who said they had something in place where each item has a unique hidden ID# and if the game detects two identical items in the same session, both would get wiped. I've been seeing posts left and right now where people refer to duped items, and I decided today to ask once and for all what is going on with that. Are the anti duping measures that the dev explained to me not working? Are
  7. I think you have missed my point completely. I'll explain it again. Just because something says "12 shots per second" does not mean it will. These weapons were created by players with a limited understanding of the in game mechanics, and consequently has led to this problem. It's not a bug. It might as well say 100 shots per second. The weapon is working as intended, people just get carried away with stats. I also want to point out, the training dummies in the tavern are not accurate. I will respond in kind and say that I think you have also missed my point. I am not even talking abo
  8. It's not going to be fixed. This is just an example of people not knowing the limitations of items. Just because you make it appear to have 3000 shots per second on the weapon, doesn't mean it will. Not a bug or glitch, working as intended. I agree that it likely won't be fixed but It is still very mistleading and shouldn't be described as "working as intended". The weapons descriptions state "shots per second", not something vague like "attack speed rating". Shot per second is unambiguous and should accurately describes the... wait for it... number of shots fired per second! The most m
  9. Like certain other aspects of the patch, it seems it may not have been patched correctly. I go by what's fixed on PC, and you can't do it there, it's just broken on console. Here's hoping the next patch will fix it, and mana can be valuable again. Unfortunately it's now too late for this since the mana cap has already been raised. Yesterday alone, I saw several players already with 150M+ mana in their bank... The only way they had to restore mana value was to fix the exploit at the same time than they upped the bank to 200M. I'm afraid now that there is a lot of exploited mana already in c
  10. Because it hasn't been stated enough apparently: "Using in game mechanics to exploit the system in a way that they were not designed" is not to be discussed on the forums. It is an exploit, don't discuss it, move on. Why didn't you address my question: if they see it as an exploit (which I do as well), they say they will address and fix it in the patch, yet they only very partially closed it after 6 months of working on it, what are we to think? That only the part they fixed was considered by them to be an exploit? Are you saying that in all this time they couldn't find a way to properly
  11. No more discussion of exploits. No more warnings anymore. Straight to infractions. Is it really considered an exploit when they have known about it since day 1, and even with this patch 6 months later they have failed to fix it? I personally despise and don't use any of the mana exploits, but them only fixing animus's and failing to adjust all the other items kind of makes me wonder if they are actually against those other exploits or not... :( Why didn't they fix it in this patch since they've known about it since release day? They even announced that they'd fix it and yet didn't, I'm seri
  12. Alright, the console patch notes were released today and I read in them that the issue should finally be resolved whenever that patch becomes available. I still wish I had received an answer when the PSN sale was on, but at least now I know that this issue should, eventually, be resolved.
  13. Just for me? You apparently missed the parts where other members were bumping the thread because they were interested in knowing an answer as well. Also, this being the support and official forum, why would it be so far fetched to get an answer from Trendy? Isn't that pretty much the sole purpose of this support forum? (or did you just admit that this forum was just there to let the console users think they could receive tech support and answers when in fact they couldn't?) You started posting in this thread asking me to be patient and wait for an official response, then you admitted later th
  14. Gashin-Sai, I never made this topic to ask the community which has access to the same information that I do, I'm seeking an answer from a Trendy rep. What are you trying to say? Point is, it will either be in the patch or not. It might be in the patch notes, it might not. I am asking a question to Trendy in hopes of receiving an answer. Saying "one day, it might be fixed or it might not" is about as blank a statement as you can make, it is not helpful nor informative in any way.
  15. My apologies, I did not actually move it, but moderators as a collective did (seeing as I can't see who moved it). Do a statistical analysis all you like. You don't put an ad in the newspaper for selling kittens in the puppies section. If TE patch it in I would say that it's pretty much answered. I'm trying to find out if they have a plan to fix this issue. Telling me "just wait until a patch comes and see if it's fixed then" does not answer my question in any way, shape or form. When I created this topic, I wanted to use that information to assess whether I should take advantage of the
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