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  1. I would like to add to this thread, last night I had my shop open through the night and when I came back online the 2 Weapons and the pet of my Jester who I was in with, were gone. It was a 55k eagle, a 30k genie with 400 health, damage and ability 2 and a 300 up wolfhunter so I would very much like to get them back.
  2. I'm gonna keep this short, I like the changes, a lot actually. But do I think they are actually useful? No, the jack in the box is nice if you only have 4 du remaining but I wouldn't use it in any high-end maps simply because harpoons and minion walls are just so much more effective. As for the Party popper, The damage is alright but very inconsistent and it take up way too much space to actually be useful, so same as the jack in the box. That beeing said, I wouldn't want them to be any better, right now I have a hybrid jester just for some fun on the side and in my personal opinion thats exactly how jester is supposed to be, not a full builder but a fun character, both useful for dps aswell as building but not exceeding main dps characters or main builders. So as of right now after the changes, I think jester is perfect.
  3. StanYz

    PC Ult++ Dynast

    alright, thanks!
  4. StanYz

    PC Ult++ Dynast

    Haven't been around in forever and just farmed a few rounds of the new moonbase map, got a nice looking dynast but I have no idea if its actually any good and if so, what its worth Any opinions welcome
  5. Well if I decide to sell it I'd like to sell it quick, not undervalued nor in a prolongued auction, so if there is a buyer that would actually offer a price that I cannot refuse that would make alot of things faster.
  6. Well before I even think of selling it, are there even any interestees for this piece?
  7. Could anyone give me a pricecheck on the first good drop I got from lab? Thanks in advance
  8. StanYz

    Cd nmhc

    doubi ran me, thanks alot ;)
  9. StanYz

    Cd nmhc

    Howdy ho, Anyone doing a Crystalline NMHC run anytime soon? I'd like to unlock the super legendary skin for my mage. If must be I can also pay for it, depending on your price ;) Greetz
  10. Basically as the title says, can't join any game or shop. Always takes forever then the attempting to join game failed message pops up. Ranked AND open games I can still create matches, just not join any. Internet connection is fine, also when I open up a game people can join without any trouble. Any ideas?
  11. Different weapons have different damage scalings. As far as I know the Spear of Light has a pretty decent melee scaling and damage/up though.
  12. One thing to think of is what fun are the hackers actually having? Because they have massively OP gear, the wont need to do gear runs. Because everything is already OP, wont need Mana to upgrade. So the item rewards are pointless to them. and because of massively OP, where is the challenge in the game? It would be like playing in "God Mode" or something like that. There would be no joy or fun in it at all, and all they would get out of it would be a name on a leader board, that is full of people that are just the same as them. Let them be pathetic. in 1 or 2 months time, after everything is said and done, they will grow board of it and find something else. As long as DD2 has more monitors on this that's all that matters. They are ruining the game for themselves more than anything. I get satisfaction knowing that everything i have done i have done legit. And i enjoy the game. For hackers, they will never understand that feeling of achievement and accomplishment. I bet you that that's the same thing people have been saying since the first few hackers in DD, truth is probably more like "After 1 or 2 months tops, they go, and new cheaters come".
  13. Cause if you say ' you cant use mods here! ', it's natural for people to WANT to do these things... It's rather pathetic I know, and there's no reason for it what so ever but, people are only human and some of them are just dumb... Or cant do it normally so they just cheat their way through life. I may be a little harsh but, it's the truth. I've earned everything I have in DD but some people are there just hack their way through it and get the same achievements I do... This isn't right = / Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole point behind DD to not be able to do stuff, farm and farm and farm and level etc until you are finally able to do it?
  14. Well, here's the thing, why do they hack in ranked? On open there are Mods that just give you hacked items without you having to fear to get banned, I mean, there's literally a second gamemode made for hacking, why the hell would you do it in the one that is made to be played without hacks lol
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