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  1. some games, wow namely, they dont even care if you lost it or not, they just keep track of amount of customer service inventory returns / quest item fixes per account and max you out after so many
  2. from what i've noticed it seems to be the higher difficulty you have a better chance of getting a higher level chest and then some small percent of rolling that chest into a higher one when used. f9 is the screenshot hotkey btw
  3. don't play end-game for exp. play hard liferoot or hard onslaught for xp
  4. havn't seen this issue, usually there is a boss on wave 2, 3, 4, and 5
  5. reroll that stat, it will give you a new bonus and leave one of the same stat that you rerolled giving you two stats back on the pet
  6. i am running windows 7 x64 with a GTX 780 Ti. I am not having that particular issue, however, the game does commonly freeze momentarily as i am moving about the map which is annoying and results in deaths and decrease in gameplay experience...
  7. i made sure that i was on the character that i needed the rune on before i used it, not sure if that makes a difference...
  8. any towers built by someone that leaves are worthless
  9. grats, ive had pretty bad luck with rng over the past week. I dont think ive found a single upgrade and a lot of my pieces are lower lvl legendaries that i havn't been able to replace because of their high %blockade stat.
  10. i would try e-mailing customer service
  11. ive noticed a similar problem when joining friends games, or trying to get friends to join my game not sure if it has anything to do with them being on each other friends lists or not exiting game and rejoining seems to fix it as long as everyone closes and restarts
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