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  1. Draemn don't do that, that's silly. Do you have Xbox controllers?
  2. Level is irrelevant to organization. I understand that it could be frustrating fumbling with all those pages and more so if they are actually selling good gear. Forget trying to compare. If you need some gear just add me.
  3. I would just avoid the seller altogether. If someone has multiple diamonds for sale it is reason to be vigilant of anything suspect. When they have one hacked diamond I would not trust the others. Roger that.
  4. 50 ups sounds hacked, but 150 ups is not hacked. Still keep in mind if they are too small. Now that met him again he showed me and both are 50 and 60 ups. Norm diamonds don't get that low of ups do they?
  5. Thanks to the three of you. Almost got myself into some trouble.
  6. Also what are the ups on both diamonds? Both are not upped at all, one has about 50 and the other is around 150?
  7. Item Check Please: (Might accept these as payment if they're legit.)
  8. I have also been playing for quite some time (+700 hrs)((can't distinguish real time from afk shop time.)) It is especially difficult to progress when you are playing solo. Probably what would have saved me many, many hours would have been just to join a random game. Honestly, I prefer to get in and get out of the maps. Which is probably why I never wanted to play with others (aside from people that I know.) I feel closer to big trading since seeing some of the loot I picked up today. Ex. almost quad capped - ultimate tower clava My goals currently consist of: Soloing Akatiti NMHC with 3
  9. its obviously hacked... i can show u a comparsion to a legit one i got checked in this thread too. but wait for Mang's judgement before u do anything with it :) 301^ Trans Monkey Thought about it when I submitted it. Stats are really high. Not trading in game anymore. I think the reason I traded for it was I assumed that you couldn't forge a name on a hacked item.
  10. [ATTACH=CONFIG]176[/ATTACH] Can I get a check on this?
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