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  1. Sorry if i wasn't clear enough, but I meant that it'd be like a one-time purchase, not a subscription fee. That aside though, it's always nice to hear the other side of the argument and other's opinions.
  2. This was just an idea that sprouted in my mind, but I was thinking that the cooperative part of DD2 should be pay to play, maybe a low price of $5-$15. Since DD2 is going to be free to play, I can imagine the game will be attracting a ton of players, including the not so kind ones. This could lead to cooperative games where there are people trying to "troll" by ruining games, and people leeching to get better gear and characters. If the cooperative part was pay to play however, it would cut the player list down to people who are actually interested enough into the game to put their money into it, thus vastly lowering the amount of people ruining cooperative games. What do you guys think of this suggestion? It'd be great to hear other people's opinions and criticism on this idea.
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