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  1. I'm next everybody, fish me luck. C;
  2. My thoughts are worth a lot more than a penny. But i'll share it with you, my eureka moment was when i was told by the mod that i had to post as though the readers on this forums balls haven't dropped yet. So if this concerns you, i apologize in advance. I cant think of another event that has shaped my DD experience for the better. I swear your posts make me LOL more than anyone else's.
  3. Was it on Med or Hard? And were you the host or someone else? I have a feeling they meant they got the duped one lolol.
  4. And if you need to know the names of the people that screwed Hax over, just PM me. =__= Thanks a bunch, Mods.
  5. Very odd indeed. No reason to quit though. Just stick with good people and don't play random pubs. Here is where I am confused though... How does a random player dupe someone else's tavern without the "victim" knowing it? I mean is this technically possible on console? Seriously? I guess so. I didn't believe it at first either when I heard about it happening to others, Hax0r and I even discussed how there's no way it should be possible. But, there are lame gamers out there with too much time on their hands. As Fenni said which I now believe, anything is possible. It's a little late onc
  6. Pretty sure you just need it to be put away in your item box. There goes leaving anything out on tavern floors. This. Game. I have had enough.
  7. I am so sorry to hear that... Well, it sucks to see you go... Wanna give away a few items to me? He's not quitting I won't let him. >:c
  8. Well guys we've all established something is wrong with the build lol. Creamy Dreamy just send me a message next time we're both on, I'll quit whatever I'm doing and do a game with you. C:
  9. You might just need stronger defenses, though you should be able to solo with 74 characters. I did.
  10. Does the size affect how fast it attacks? If so, which is better for DPS in taking out mobs of enemies, small or large? Small would let me mow down enemies as I walk through them, but a large knife would let me hit more of them at once. Which one works better overall? Get a Triton. Oversized for DPS. I think Crysknife is the second fastest, the smaller ones aren't too fantastic. I have a 217 that's a baby size and I don't enjoy using it because its too tiny.
  11. Oops I didn't see so many people replied to that me lol. Maybe I shoulda subscribed. XD;
  12. Expert on duped Shai's over here :P Team Shai Jailbait knows her facts!
  13. Yes. And I'm guessing you got it from Zambel? =w= Yes, the 246, 226, 230, 214, 209, 200, 198, 160-something for 74, another 160-something, 139, 159, are all dupes.
  14. I love PVP. I'd be up for that too. :D
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