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  1. Well towers are the focus of the game, but give the ability for a user if they choose to stat their hero with worn goods to be hero centric and actually be very impactful on the battlefield. You will have your tower people, you will have your DPS OMG IM A HERO people. I think a avenue for both can be made through stats on equipment or something.
  2. Are you referring to a case where you want to host a game but you're running solo, allowing others to queue into your session?
  3. From a character design aspect id find some challenges in this. Moving to them being adults, yes she is going to mature there too, and that's not a problem. The huntress default clothing offers variations as well as costumes and you would have to be stretching to consider these sexualized. Most of the aesthetics options for the female are feminine in nature through Dungeon Defenders existence, however I would not discount DD2's design of a matured Huntress anything less than a playful badass. In addition Trendy probably felt it best to show off the loading with the huntress to give more focu
  4. I hate to say it... but two words for shoulder admin pet... dat frog :D
  5. Konshu

    Pool Mana

    Yeah, I can agree with this, the troll options are pretty high, in a public game, if I didn't like your "skills in positioning towers." I could sell off your contribution and add at my own will. This might actually lessen the contribution of all the players having to work together both in placement and in teamwork.
  6. I think both is a great option to add complexity and uniqueness to your character. The key here is to find a friendly balance of how to show this data. Maybe a method to show a "basic" view of both and then maybe a "advanced" for those who want to go all out into the possibilities.
  7. I think I would like to open up this question to the developers as more of a round table discussion as to the mindset when making this move and investing money into it. This is not meant to be negative but more of a bridge to understand what you had going in your mind through the decision process. Why did you decide to create your own social aspect vs. tying into an existing one? What features are you using that don't already exist somewhere else?
  8. Where it is, probably a little bigger, I am used to looking up for that information, not down. Additionally it seems Green is hard to come by where blue is almost always in excess.
  9. i pushed some goblins of the rails near the east lock, they got stuck in near the stairs. its hard to explain but i have a screenshot showing. Just don't know where to upload it (NDA) Indeed officially if we want to explain something with a graphic what is the best way to do this and not violate NDA. Some things are just better shown not typed out.
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