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  1. Hearing that MOBA was being implemented in multiplayer gameplay was a relatively huge turnoff for me. One of the main reasons I play Dungeon Defenders and not league is because of the CO-OP and experimentation of non-MOBA gameplay, like CTF and vanilla PvP. Oh well, I'm still pretty pumped for the release of it though.
  2. Was kind of disappointed when I found out images were disabled for signatures. I don't mind not having custom titles, heck I don't even approve of it. I like having a consistent forum format and believe that member titles should resemble how much the user contributed, not just some silly title someone wants. Anyways, if we do get around to having signatures, I just hope this isn't too large.
  3. I'm also worried about how memory intensive it would be. I don't have a high-end computer and I am not planning to upgrade any time soon. (College student budget) I just hope that along with the game mechanics being all balanced and comprehensible, the game would be able to run on my Macbook Pro in the first place. Macbook Pro 13" Early 2011 (Windows 7 Bootcamp) isn't the best gaming computer, ya know ;P
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