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  1. Thank you everyone for the intrest i had an offer since 2 am last night and i checked this morning and took the deal. This trading thread is now closed. Thank you.
  2. Take care dredd and I wish ya the best man.
  3. i have 3 event acc's to trade for it and an event pet. I have had a shop open now for 5 hours and no luck. Please add me on steam if you are willing to trade and i can show you the accessories. Like i said they are event ones and they are the ones i got so.:) I'm getting off for the night and will check in the morning pm or add me on steam Jfox. Thank you.
  4. SID: Jfox http://steamcommunity.com/id/J_fox
  5. Thanks guys it does mean a lot but I really am busy I might try to get on at night but I'm currently working very hard with my dad to get his business off the ground and I take great pride in helping my dad. Family comes first. If I have time at night when i'm done helping him I will get on for sure but not likely if you want to stay in touch add me on steam or pm ill check on here every once in awhile.
  6. Well guys I have barely been on at all this summer and hardly ever on console. I just wanted to say bye for now and i will see everyone again soon when DD2 launches. (CAN'T WAIT BTW!) I am currently about to start college full time so i no longer have time to play as much video games. I am happy to see Console events for ps3 start back up again because it will bring back some life to that side for sure and Congrats to all the host on that team you guys are all great and i have played with you all. By pc im known by Jfox and Console Astro_354 and i will miss all my friends. I will try and check
  7. Sid: Jfox Link:http://steamcommunity.com/id/J_fox
  8. Jfox

    Item Check Thread

    Just bought it, want it checked. Its hacked 2 ways. Sorry @Nikko Diomond is Poss @truecodex ---------- one sec
  9. This looks AWESOME! Steam:Jfox Link:http://steamcommunity.com/id/J_fox
  10. Steam:Jfox Link:http://steamcommunity.com/id/J_fox
  11. Your banned because your STILL valiant defender :P
  12. Jfox

    Item Check Thread

    It's Ultimate++ and 206k Damage Im reffering you to another checker on that item. Please wait for another checker to check your pawn.
  13. Jfox

    Item Check Thread

    Legit Or Not ? Refer to another checker could i plz get these 2 diamonds and 2 glads checked. 1st glad is sup 2nd glad is ult++ ty. Both Diomonds Possible Supreme Glad:Possible ++Glad Reffering to another checker Need this supreme cap item checked please :) Possible Hello! I would like this set checked please! Helm has 325 ups, Body has 318 ups, Gloves have 351 ups and Boots have 306 ups. If I remember correctly thay are all Ultimate 93. Thank you in advance! All Hacked
  14. I like usefull event items. I mean it could be themed but throw in some other stats also to make it more likely to be used. The last one i thought was cool but was it useful....... no.
  15. Stats on a seahorse make all the difference bud. Even if one has lower or higer attack than the other one could be good for dps and the other for boost.
  16. Just because a person has too many cubes doesnt mean they are ALWAYS a hacker. Please keep this in mind because you should not always assume or be to quick to judge someone. To be honest cubes are cubes hacked or not they are worth the same. If you are not collecting do not waste your time and keep trading personal advice.
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