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  1. Agreed. This is actually something people are complaining about (They see the huntress all the time and RARELY see the squire loading screen). According to some of my viewers the huntress's outfits/accessories are extremely boring compared to the other classes, and seem to just be more fan service than heroic and/or epic. Really hope they make better outfits and accessories for the huntress!
  2. Hi oNightPineberries, This issue is tied to a timing issue with the tavern (possibly other levels as well) loading in and displaying before the character information is loaded. And because of this the game doesn't think you have any character created so it displays that screen. Based on your other post about long loading screens, http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?118810-Long-Loading-Screens, I can only assume for whatever reason your connection to the server is acting up. Can you PM me your dxdiag as well as the type of connection you're using? Also, can you make sure the
  3. WELCOME TO MY STRING. Following Dani-Sama's bug thread. Playverse Username oNightPineberries Bug Description Character creation screen upon entering game. Instructions Log on game. Hit the Play button. No idea.. Screenies More info. No idea. This has occurred every time I log on. I've even created and delete some characters to see if it would remedy this. But it still appears :3 Ps. Is uploading images okay? ----
  4. Yeah. I figured that out after spamming everything. I am able to play games and what not. But I am still having to wait a period of time after initially launching the game.
  5. As soon as the game launches. I hit play.. and I have to wait anywhere between 5-30 minutes. When I am in game. I try to open private match and start a game in the Level 1-2 range. I just get stuck in the loading screen and nothing happens. :c I would attempt this more, however I am still trying to load into the game after the initial play button load screen T^T
  6. oNightPineberries Bug 1 Description: Right clicking on items out of game (in the inventory) makes the screen turn black. I lied. Clicking ANYWHERE on the inventory screen turns the screen black. How to: Out of game. Go to the character inventory. Right clicking on items that are unequipped will cause the screen to go black. All buttons and key functions still work (still able to enter playverse, chat button, hit escape.) but the screen is just black. Forced to exit(via alt-tabbing then closing the game) and restart the game. (I will ask around with other players in game if this happe
  7. I was wondering if you guys could add in a new game mode or a "challenge map" or whatever you guys are planning to call the different game modes. . The new game mode is "Pure Tower Defense Mode" and yes, I do know DD1 had the pure strategy mode. But as a hardcore tower defense fan. I was wondering if you guys could implement something like a blank grid. Where monsters walk toward the "main objective" and the defenders/players have to build towers to fend off the mobs. Of course the defenders/players can or cannot attack (something like Sanctum 1/2) or just be a pure tower defense game. T
  8. So I didn't see anyone post about the weapon spasms whenever you are healing/or in the serenity aura. I have video footage of it as well. So I'll go throw the links here. Serenity Aura healing video 2 squire 13:40 http://youtu.be/iSJjS0MXc2U?t=13m40s video 3 huntress 24:43 http://youtu.be/J1KqGETwjeE?t=24m43s video 4 monk 5:42 http://youtu.be/I4NXVQVOM0s?t=5m42s Best clean example of just regular healing http://youtu.be/iSJjS0MXc2U?t=24m22s Whenever you are healing/being healed within the serenity aura. Then the green aura around the players weapon will start blinking very ra
  9. Just don't play with the trolls. /EndofStory
  10. This clip is at PAX with the awesome Skott and TotalBiscuit! Showing the available characters, skills, AND GAMEPLAY. Now you guys can argue whether you like or dislike the MOBA/DotA PART of the game. In the video. Tb and skott talk about: Different perspectives. Game play. Items. Reason why DD2 has a MOBA part. DD2's MOBA/DotA is CASUAL, NOT competitive. Why play DD2's MOBA versus the more streamline MOBAs? RELEASE DATES?!!?! And finally Skott and TB owning the game. My honest opinion. This game looks amazing. Will definitely play it.
  11. F2P and competitive mode is a big mistakes. If I want to play F2P MOBA, I'll go and play Dota 2 or LoL. Dungeon Defenders is a unique game, that combined Tower Defence, Action and Rpg with Loot Hunting. Instead of working on some key elements, that helps you to improve this ****tail and stand out your game from many other, you add an F2P MOBA clone. :confused: Dozens of MOBA games are coming out following the success of LoL like a lemmings, and there is only a few are playable. Really disappointing. You should stop being "disappointed" and wait till there are actual gameplay footage a
  12. Don't worry about it. Just enjoy their new game when it comes out.
  13. Hey, can you edit out all the hero names. We are trying to keep this a spoiler free zone until Trendy actually releases the names themselves. It is much appreciated that you do this immediately. Thanks.
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