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  1. I keep having issues with round 5 on this incursion... At first I thought it was bad tower placement but it seems that the Crystal is spontaneously combusting... As soon as we start round 5 we just instantly get defeated before we even see anything show up on the map... Trendy I can provide footage if needed but it seems to be something to do with round 5 as everything else is flawless... I play with a well rounded group which we all have high end C7 gear... 22k relics and 7k armour for example! Also with a decent ascension levels being in the range of 200 - 300 so its not to our fault... Please could you look into this as its disturbing progress on completion...
  2. Hey guys sorry I have not replied just been busy lol works been a pain in the ass rofl... good to see you to, im actually really pleased what you have done with the first game looks awesome i just got tied into work lol, I may have to jump on and see if i can work my magic again sometime soon...man the amount of times we ran crystalline dimension together its unreal from my runs lol, I guess a man can try he was an awesome player also, if you see this ygk gimme a message you spoon lol omg im remembering like litterally everyone how have you been dude, omg the cubes we transferred together for the amount of diamonds I have is unbelieveable lol and hello Hover Im not sure if we played together but i Welcome the message and here is my write back hehe :)
  3. Hey guys, I used to play Dungeon defenders 1 alot on PC. Have many of the rarest items on my account. I used to item check and be quite active on the forums. Wondering if any people still play from when i used to? Ive just started playing dundef 2 on playstation 4 - Be good to catch up with anyone who knew me is now playing 2 on console :) this is me:
  4. Haven't been around in ages. Buttttttttt this was my old solo time. Don't have all the pictures but it was about a year ago with someone togglespectate watching to confirm I was solo he and 2 afks came in for old one. the good old times man. Imagine if we kept it up lol. our dual runs were just intense lol did around 40 runs a day lol
  5. Updated 4 Player RunHey Guys Been absolutely ages since I last even looked at the forums... noticed this thread and luckily I still have the screenshot that Myself(TCD), EC-10, Ygkyft and Ubermench did. According to this we got 15.32 I honestly know we have faster than that I think we did break the 15 mins once but I ain't spending hours on end going through the screenshots lol but here is the screenshot of the 15.32 speedrun from us all. To add: This was done well over a year ago lol. Imagine if i kept up the pace. Hmm maybe I should come back who knowz......
  6. Saw and Sparus both possible not sure on the phonograpic but looks within limits so i would assume possible
  7. is this sold if not i want it (price........here)
  8. You get out of here!!!!! I want this! Man you're killing me! I need to think if im going to buy it lol, i dont think i need it but to have another ++ in my box is stimulating lol
  9. I would assume that the BF drill is possible
  10. i'm thinking should i throw a 171k saw beast stats ult set and three 2 cappers im not sure sine i dont play much anymore. keep this in mind just incase i come back ile be active for a few weeks so i wont ditch out :P
  11. Put it on your auramonk. Dont need more damage on it since the auras are so strong they kill the bosses on CD anyways. I love you man. Simply the best lol rofl
  12. FOR DEFINITE!!! * App Crash on CD (made me quit the game) * Rising Platform Glitch (Old one Raising Platform Glitch and you fall through the floor Lol) * Mana Bank Limit (Please change it to like 100 Billion or something, something actually usable) * Being able to re-spec items (In-case you buy something and someone has upgraded it to the full potential like an idiot or if you made a mistake with a point "I have done this to be sure of"). * The lag in Tinkerers Lab (it actually makes the map impossible to play on any spec computer!) * Pristine Armour Pieces to be awarded in lab Assualt! Suggestions for improvements for my game experience: * A report Player Icon in game perhaps like under the Kick Player Button (for the delightful hackers!) * Add Nightmare+ and if your daring making a new Difficulty tier such as something like Ultimate difficulty where the old one has literally ridiculous amounts of HP and strength so he basically one shots you I would love that :) * Perhaps Clear the Leader boards as we all know its been overrun by hackers with astronomical scores such as 30 billion points for Deeper Well * Make Seahorses easier to farm such as ultimate and higher because chickens don't suit * Finally Release Moonbase Last Notes: I know I have ranted all over the forums about glitches and stuff and it seems many more people have witnessed the dreaded app bomb crash it is absolutely ridiculous to be honest but hopefully fingers cross you will fix it! I want to stress something could there potentially be a difficulty increase to the game keep the loot the same but just make the game harder because i'm not joking completing CD in under 20 minutes (19:23 to be precise) legitimately solo with a YouTube video to show people how on Nightmare Hardcore is a bit game breaking don't you think I want something to test my mettle.... Introduce Nightmare + or something along them lines. We all like a challenge I bet loads of people will return from a difficulty increase over new content any day that I am sure. :P Good Luck Trendy Also Last thing Haha, no worries :p I just hope they will add Pristine Armor to Lab Assault, fix Minimap/Mana Bomb overflow, buff Lightning/Deadly Strike Towers and finally ... fix CDNMHC rewards and buff the E.weapons so they are stronger then Obsidians/Crested Eagles. This would make me more than happy ^^ Couldn't agree more. They should be stronger than akatiti weapons. They are stronger when you get one that will eventually beat an akatiti weapon that I am sure i've been trying forever to get a 520 ups E sword lol
  13. I've figured its not my actual save thays curropted its rolled back tremendously. Buut I think my computer has had it because ive just had to fresh install the thing and it worked for the time and then it happened again so I dunno wats wrong with it
  14. My advice would be to simply level all points into damage, when that caps put all into rate. Only use armour that spawns with good rate and health doesnt matter because harps are set back in your defences. You could possibly level rate on one first then damage on a piece to get a higher dps maaaybe... But it wouldnt be good for resale.
  15. If i got to the Guantlet. and saw that i had not checked the box saying hardcore. i would restart the game. Not worth doing, you would be better off farming insane HC than normal NM.
  16. Hehe my monk already has one so why not a complete set eh? Yo u have too many ult accs already thiiiis my dear friend is mine lul
  17. Nice Pawn shot. Congrats on the find TCD out.
  18. Good Luck man :P you never know i might even sell mine yet lol
  19. Thx. Good luck bump for ur business(like u guys need it:P) I love CD why not earn from it! :P Also Guys im back for business if you havent submitted in the form i will not run you as there is no specific idea of how many runs or what you need. sorry ive been a while works been a bit stressful with me lately i will try my hardest with El genius to get you all ran :P
  20. Thanks Eagle. Nice one on the giveaways dude alot of respect from me :P *Edit* The Group is now paying 1 Coal for every member recruited for the group! We are also helping to advertise any member giveaways or official events :)
  22. Yeah, no, it's gone. i wanted it thats why lol rofl.
  23. Oh ho...just you wait till I'm back on my comp crystal... Be careful with those words dearest hehe If you want this you're paying for it. :P
  24. lol, you said you farmed it yourself. Liar. Did he tell u he farmed it in game or on IC Thread cause on any of his comments theres nowhere saying he farned it afaik
  25. Would u trade any other ult+ for this this is ideal for my tower app
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