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  1. PC is simply to easy because you get exp sitting on tavern defense and lv up hella fast and eventually your heros arent doing anything but sitting their watching the defenses kill everything and its just boring
  2. I stopped taking you seriously after that. dude i might have messed up some wording in that paragraph but i think u can get the jist of what i am saying
  3. Alright I have tryed Pc version and its a bunch of crap I meanIi got to lv 90 in about a week and a half. Its To easy. 2nd PC doesnt even give you a challenge and i find Ps3 better. 3rd you need to make the game fun but not easy what i would do on PS3 would be to fix Skycity Aquanos Mic lag and a invest all button im tired of Trendy not doing anything i don't care about you guys saying it will cost to much because at this point i would buy a flipping patch for 20 bucks and i think most people would agree. Go ahead and close this thread it just shows you don't care about Console players and I
  4. Psn: ObviouslyMorgan 7pm to 8pm P.s shes my friend on DD but she was to lazy to make an account :P
  5. Trendy you need to patch the following: Aquanos exp Seahorse on Pure strategy on Aquanos INVEST ALL BUTTON Sky City Mic lag Lag in general Laged Weapons Wish List: Raise lv. cap Nightmare, and Nightmare hardcore Higher item levels More DLC's Who Agrees :)
  6. It seems to me this last week or so me and my friends pulled pretty good stuff i pulled a 200 undying rod for 83. sheke pulled a 207 Oculus or 83 just yesterday and beerbasher pulled a 236 undyingrod for 90 a few hours ago is anyone else getting this lucky. :D
  7. Why is my psn name not vaild? And i would like to switch my time too 8pm EST since i live on the west coast Thanks
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